Sudden Recall

Sudden Recall BOOKS Sudden Recall By Lisa Phillips DEADLY MEMORIES United States Marshal Jackson Parker Never Forgot Sienna Cartwright But She S Forgotten Him Just Like She S Forgotten Everything She Knew Before She Emerged From A Coma A Year Ago She Has No Memories Of Her Career As A Spy Or Any Idea Of What The CIA Wants From Her And She Certainly Doesn T Know Why She S Being Hunted By Men With Military Grade Weapons As Sienna Struggles To Remember Who She Is And Who She Can Trust, Jackson Is Determined To Reconnect With The Woman Who Broke His Heart While Protecting The Woman She S Capable Of Becoming.

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    Title Sudden Recall Love Inspired Suspense Author Lisa PhillipsPages 224Year 2016Publisher Love Inspired SuspenseMy rating 5 out of 5 stars.Sudden Recall is best read prior to Dead End as the two main female characters carry over from one book to the other plus their experiences as CIA ops In Sudden Recall, the story revolves around Sienna and her loss of memory that seems of such importance to both the CIA along with nefarious people US Marshall Jackson Parker has some personal vested interest in keeping Sienna alive While Sienna cannot remember much of Jackson s feelings for her, they haven t change even when she has no idea who he is or if he once meant anything to her heart.Nina is Sienna s best friend and they have shared quite a life together, both personally and professionally All may not be truth in Sienna s world and she has no idea who she can really trust In Dead End, readers will enjoy the continuing revelations about Nina and Sienna as well as what their futures hold These novels are adventures with danger, intrigue and some romance I love spending an afternoon lost in these stories Enjoy Sudden Recall and Dead End if you haven t already They are great thrillers to enjoy in...

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    CIA agent Sienna Cartwright can t remember who anyone is and she s staying with her Aunt Karen while she recovers and hopefully her memory returns soon Sienna finds herself stranded on the side of the road and finds help in the name of United States Marshall Jackson Parker when they re suddenly attacked Parker Jackson can t figure out why Sienna is putting up this act of not kno...

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    Fast moving, lots of action, great love interest. believable..

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    I really enjoyed this book and I m sure you will too The story is well written, action packed, and faith filled You will enjoy these characters even though they are flawed complicated individuals I had a seizure over forty years ago and when I came to I didn t know who I was or where I was It was the worse thing I went through in my life Although my memory loss only lasted a few hours I remember it like it was yesterday So this book spoke to me.Former CIA Agent Sienna Cartwright was injured and spent a year in a coma she woke with a case of total amnesia Now a year later she was now living on a farm with her aunt She has a flat tire and a man that claimed to be a part of her past stopped to help her but they are attacked Two masked men in black pulled over and starting shooting at them with machine guns A helicopter flies over them trying to locate them What was going on here US Marshal Jackson Parker stops to help the woman he once loved Jackson had once been a Navy Seal and met Sienna on one of their missions They were to meet each other to see what the future held for them but she had never shown up.Why was she trying to pretend she didn t know him She told him someone was coming and they were then attacked Were they after her or after him This is the first time they had been alone together so it was hard to tell They took off running after the men killed his truck...

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    God loves us no matter whatAwesome, Sienna has no memory of who she is or why armed men are trying to kill her Parker had met Sienna when he was on a mission in Afghanistan, navy seal love books about the seals He thought they had a connection they were to meet when he got back to the states but she never did Now he...

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    I very much enjoyed this book It is suspenseful, romantic and shows you how people can still love one another through past hurts It also shows forgiveness and imperfect people The plot was well developed an...

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    I received this book from the Goodreads First Reads program.There was so much about this story that was so clich for the genre Ex SEAL and CIA operative have to work together to save the world, and they fall in love in the process Oh, and plot twist, someone close to...

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    Fast paced intrigue I would highly recommend this book to reader who likes a mystery with layers of information There was a lot of mystery woven in since the main character, Sienna had amnesia for a year I won t spoil anythingjust pick it up and with the fast pace, it won t take long to read

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    The pace and plot are solid and not rushed in this captivating read The readers interest is caught early on with the amnesia angle, and secondary characters are important in driving the storyline 4 stars RT Book Reviews.

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    Danger and intrigue at every turn Lisa Phillips does it again in Sudden Recall

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