Omega Beloved - Reimagined

Omega Beloved - Reimagined Omega Beloved Reimagined Epub Author Aiden Bates Luke Isn T Looking For Love He S An Unmated Omega Still Mourning His Parent S Death He S Working At A Nurse In A Local Hospital He S Living A Quiet Life He S Living Life Alone Levi Isn T Looking For Love Either He D Decided A Long Time Ago There Isn T Any Magic Left In The World, At Least, Not For A Man Like Him He S Living A Life Alone, A Life Where He Puts Everyone Else Before Himself And He S Shouldering A Burden He Doesn T Want To Share A Little At A Time, Levi S World Is Becoming Darker When Levi Goes To The Hospital For Answers, He Meets Luke They Both Feel A Connection They Weren T Looking For Can Two Men Who Are Set In Their Ways Learn How To Make Room For The Love They Weren T Looking For Disclaimer This Book Contains Adult, Sexually Explicit Content With An Intense Sex Scene, Male Breeding And Knotting And Dominant Alpha With His Delicate Rare Omega This Should Not Be Viewed For Anyone Under The Age Of 18

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    Omega Beloved Reimagined is different yet so compelling Aiden Bates stories are sweet, suspenseful, action packed, easy flowing, hold your interest, and full of extremely well written, erotic, M M sex scenes His descriptions are so poetic Big, strong Levi is an Alpha who has been losing his sight Slim, handsome, young Omega Luke is a nurse at the hospital and checks in on Levi They gain a reluctant friendship, as Levi thinks he is at the end of his road, and Luke, who lost both his parents, has lost his hope of happiness They hike into the woods, have a picnic and super hot sex on the forest floor.whew sighNow, neither of them can forget the other Trouble is brewing, with Luke s old Pack Alpha, Hunters , and their secret romance These characters are deeply thought filled, tender, loving, and amazing ...

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    So much promise.Really, I would have enjoyed it if there had been even rudimentary editing There is talent here and a lot of promise for a great story but it s a struggle to stay in the story because of all the mistakes and lack of real editing.

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    From my point of view that was phenomenally good shape shifter story plot Chemistry between both main couple is just perfect All, in all it was surprisingly great reading material.

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    One of my favorites of all his works The writing style and characters just do it for me.

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    The plot was good, but the editing could have been better There are a lot of typos and broken sentences that made this difficult to read.

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    A beautiful story told with a almost poetic writing style For those who like hurt comfort stories or a good cry this is your story Very touching in points Luke and Levi are both closed off but somehow find each other and keep finding each other and themselves throughout the book There is a lot here about sight and it becomes a metaphor for a number of things in the story I felt like there were just layers upon layers of emotion and meaning in the story Luke had the biggest transformation and we see most of the story through his point of view Levi...

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    If you are looking for a shifter story, this isn t it If you are looking for complete sentences that make sense, this isn t for you If you are looking for good editing, guess again I would say it was a stream of consciousness, but I think that is giving the author too much credit I came across this when I was looking for m m romance As a romance, it had promise that was never realized If you re curious how a guy could become prego, this d...

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    Great writingHaving read the original story, I can only laud this revision which affected me deeply The original did not make a ripple in my heart, but this new version was so emotional and I was left with moist eyes and a...

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    Love Aiden s books I really liked this book Different than his other as far as story line Only thing I would change is some editing Some parts it was hard to tell what he was trying to say It felt like a complete story though and I really liked that

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    Nice storylineI hate that he missed such an amazing event in his life but he did great He is a man of strength and courage.

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