An Intimate Portrait of the Tour de France

An Intimate Portrait of the Tour de France Ebook An Intimate Portrait Of The Tour De France Author Philippe Brunel We Thought We Knew Everything About The Tour And Its Apostles The Racers, Organizers, Sporting Directors And Reporters We Never Saw These Champions As They Appear Here Candidly Stripped Down In Broad Daylight, Their Bodies Being Loosened By A Masseur S Hands, Avowed Enemies Sharing A Bath, Letting Themselves Go At Last We See Them Living In The Poignant Glow Of The Stages Evenings, As If Through A Two Way Mirror They Show Themselves Rid Of Their Star Status, As Simple Family Men, Just Regular Guys They Are Ordinary, Sublime And At Times Pathetic All At Once These Photographs, Snatched From Oblivion, Show An Intimate And Unknown Tour De France This Then, Is The Tour Of Lost Moments.

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    Wonderful prosaic text and photographs to match reveals the lost world of professional cycle racing I return to this book time and again.

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