Disciple Download Disciple Author Sophia Hampton Thomashillier.co.uk Laura I Only Wanted Three Things In Life Keep My Little Brother Lucas Out Of Trouble, Finish My Degree, And Stay The Hell Away From Will Shriner Until Lucas Pissed Off The Wrong People And Made Will Our Only Hope For Survival Now He Thinks He Owns Me, And Every Time I See Those Dark Piercing Eyes, I Know Exactly What S On His Mind To Make Me Beg To Make Me Scream To Make Me Want MORE Disciple Is A Full Length, Standalone Romance Novel With Steamy Hot Sex, No Cheating, Strong Language, An HEA Ending And NO CLIFFHANGERS Contains Dark And Disturbing Themes, And Over The Top Sexiness That May Be Uncomfortable For Some Readers

10 thoughts on “Disciple

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    There was nothing MC about this. A thirty something nympho paying her teenage brothers debt with her vagina. that s all I got out of it. Annnnd acting like a 15 year old

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    Terrible All it was was sex sex and sex the girls brother was in trouble and instead of helping him or anything like that she s keeps going back to a guy and having sex with them there is sex on almost every single page there is no she shows no emotion...

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    Cliffhanger suck

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    I seem to be having a bad run at the moment This is another book that promised so much but failed to deliver This is certainly not a MC book by any stretch of the imagination You didn t get any insight in to a MC that you would expect The h had far to many TSTL moments to be forgiven and I really didn t like her much Three times you got to the end of a chapter to find that the next chapter was 2 or 3 months later and the h and H had split up with absolutely no warning Then we come to the grammar some paragraphs read like they had been translated from a foreign language and made very little sense There were numerous times where letters had b...

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    This is a book that needed an editor in the worst way There are so many sentences that sound ridiculous and that totally disregard all the rules of grammar For example, here are a few direct quotes from this book The moment their powerful attraction was instigated, nothing matter , Now he bellowed He looked like a fiend and she did what he was told There was no doubt he was watching her as she had been her What the hell This made for difficult reading, because the entire book was filled with such writing And don t even get me started on the whining brat who s our heroine I absolutely hated her I Could never believe that Will would continuously put up with her bullshit The plot was also convolut...

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    Too much drama Wow This book was too busy and the grammar spelling punctuation was bad Talk about wishy washy It started out with Laura trying to protect her brother He ends up joining a bad gang Her and Will s relationship...

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    Loved the hero So, I gave this 4 stars because I loved the Hero, Will Shriner I very much disliked the heroine She drove me crazy She was constantly making trouble for everyone because she always thought her way was the right way, even after the H proved her wrong time a...

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    Laura lives to protect her brother who has gotten himself involved in gangs Will, the head MC of a biker club, steps into help Laura jumps into the sack with Will, Will protects Laura and tries to fix Lucas, her...

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    Edit edit editOk I could not finish this There was so many times I had to stop and re read what was written And oh my goodness did every single page have to have sex Oh and let s not forget having sex within two minutes of meeting in the hallway where her younger brother is lik...

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