The Great Trek: A Frontier Story

The Great Trek: A Frontier Story Download The Great Trek A Frontier Story By Zane Grey Sterl Hazelton Is No Stranger To Trouble But The Shooting That Made Him An Outlaw Was One He Didn T Do Though It Was His Cousin Who Pulled The Trigger, Sterl Took The Blame, And Now He Has To Leave The Country If He Wants To Stay Healthy Sterl And His Loyal Friend, Red Krehl, Set Out For The Greatest Adventure Of Their Lives, Signing On For A Cattle Drive Across The Vast Northern Desert Of Australia To The Gold Fields Of The Kimberley Mountains But It Seems No Matter Where Sterl Goes, Trouble Is Bound To Follow

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    Zane Grey is good at some things, adequate at others, and really lacking in some areas of writing As a storyteller, he can create a believable and engaging plot lilne with a very descriptive talent for place soemtimes, but his characters are very stock, off the shelf individuals with predictable sometimes wooden d...

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    Zane Grey is famous for his westernsof which he wrote boatloads The Great Trek is, and isn t, one of them It has cowboys, horses, natives, and cattle But it is set in Australia, not the western US When he originally submitted it to his publishers, they refused to publish it They claimed it was too long, etc etc So until recently, all that was available was a severely abridged edition His heirs have now published he novel in its entirety, as Grey submitted it.First the bad news The Great Trek was written in 1937 Its treatment of the Australian Aborigines is despicable, but fully reflective of the racism of the time This may be enough to persuade many to read no further Such an attitude is fully understandable If this blatant racism isn t a total turn off to you, then read on.The story itself that is, the part that focuses on the white people, is pretty good The basic plot is that a pair friends, bot cowboys Red and Sterl leave the US for Australia to get away from a messy break up between Red and his girl friend They join a cattle drive, heading from Australia s East Coast, all the way across the middle of the conti...

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    Slow, but lovely

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    Honest American cowboys take cows across Australian desert, but someone in the group is a traitor Sweet romance Setting is dramatic character in whole Harsh climate threatens their lives.

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    This was my first Zane Gray book and I just read it because it was about Australia It was slow going I saw that when it was first published it was 1 3 of the original s length due to shortage of wartime paper I think they used that as an excuse I read the original and 2 3 of it could have been cut out easily It had action, romance, adventure, b...

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    A different Zane Grey westernThe book has the great detail of the normal Zane Grey western He covers the background of the characters and of the country and the interplay between the characters as he alway...

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    ReviewThis was the first Zane Grey book I ve read I like early American historical fiction but I thought I would try this one and glad I did It was as big as the Australian continent and kept moving I couldn t put it down.

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    Trekie loved the voice words flow from Grey s pen the wonderful lyrical Australian outback now less foreign to me ,considering the characters are two cowboys from the USA and Australian pioneers title tells it all except the ending.

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    Sterl and Red s great adventure down under.I have always enjoyed Zane Grey s book, about life on the frontier This book was surprisingly about life in Australia during the early twentieth century Grey s descriptions of the flora and fauna of the Outback is very evocative.

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    A couple of American Cowboys running from the law is the beginning of some of my favorite stories.This one takes place in Australia, and having visited down under there are some great references.

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