No Returns

No Returns Read No Returns Author GalaxyAqua Nature Haikyuu FanficKageyama Tobio Hinata ShouyouKageyama Tobio, Grade A Employee At The Seafood Section Of The Supermarket, Really Cannot Complain His Job Is Relatively Easy, His Hours Bearable, Nobody Bothers Him While He S Working Actually, No Wait, Scratch That Last One There Is This One Guy There S This One Customer That Is Here To Ruin Everything His Name Is Hinata Shouyou And He S An Actual Menace.Words 7516 Complete

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    I really don t see the phrase too good for this world appearing in Kageyama s mind about anyone Sadly, while it isn t true of the entirety of the fic, a lot of it felt uncomfortably ooc imo and as such this was a complete fail for me.

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