so my darling, i’ll succumb

so my darling, i’ll succumb Read So My Darling, I Ll Succumb Parametre Haikyuu Oikawa Tooru Kageyama Tobio You Are So Far In Denial, Hajime Says, That, Or You Re Even Dumb Than I Thought You Were He Takes A Sip Of His Beer Which Wouldn T Surprise Me, Really As Mattsun And Makki Collapse Into Each Other With The Force Of Their Laughter, Tooru Wonders Again What It Would Be Like To Have Friends That Didn T Insult Him All The Time Maybe Ushijima Was Right, He Thinks A Little Hysterically, Maybe He Really Should Have Gone To Shiratorizawa Oikawa And Kageyama Meet Again, Years Later.

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    3.5starsThis was pretty cute, much better than I thought it would be Shelved under tears only because view spoiler I mega ship IwaOi so getting unrequited love on Oikawa s part kinda breaks me hide spoiler

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