Ladakh: Crossroads of High Asia

Ladakh: Crossroads of High Asia This Authoritatively Written Book Is The First To Study Ladakh, The Celebrated Last Outpost Of Tibetan Civilization Janet Rizvi Shows How Buddhism And Islam Met At This High Altitude Crossroads To Form A Unique Culture, And Discusses The Region S History, Rich Oral Tradition, Economy, Literature, And Artifacts.

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    One of the few books about Ladakh, written by a British writer with a connection to the region The first half covers the landscape and wildlife, then moves on to a history of Ladakh The second half covers the present of Ladakh and it s potential future, and ends with a description of the most notable gopmas, or Buddhist monasteries There s a map...

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    The book provides detailed account of Ladakh History, Geography, Culture, Religion and monasteries By the time one finishes the book, one is sure to remember some names of the kings, the sects of Budhism, monasteries, some places and the routes etc.The map provided at the starting and ending pages proves very useful, when reading about Geography One needs to refer to these on a frequent basis.The only boring part is about the Flora and Fauna for a...

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    A great book on Ladhak

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    Except for a good chapter on religious and political history of Ladakh, the book is filled with dry facts flora, fauna, monasteries, landscapes,surrounding places etc.

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