The Tailor of Gloucester

The Tailor of Gloucester The Tailor Of Gloucester Was First Published In 1903 And Tells The Story Of A Poor Tailor Trying To Survive In His Freezing Workshop Over A Hard Winter He Has A Terribly Important Commission To Complete For The Mayor Of Gloucester S Wedding On Christmas Day But Is Ill And Tired, And Before Long Is Running Out Of Food And Thread, As Well As Time How Will He Possibly Complete The Beautiful Coat And Embroidered Waistcoat Luckily, There Lives In The Dresser, Some Very Kind And Very Resourceful Mice Who Set About Helping The Poor Tailor With His Work Not Only Are They Exceedingly Helpful, But They Are Also, Luckily, Far Far Too Clever For The Tailor S Sly Cat, Simpkin.The Tailor Of Gloucester Is Number Three In Beatrix Potter S Series Of 23 Little Books, The Titles Of Which Are As Follows 1 The Tale Of Peter Rabbit2 The Tale Of Squirrel Nutkin3 The Tailor Of Gloucester4 The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny5 The Tale Of Two Bad Mice6 The Tale Of Mrs Tiggy Winkle7 The Tale Of Mr Jeremy Fisher8 The Tale Of Tom Kitten9 The Tale Of Jemima Puddle Duck10 The Tale Of The Flopsy Bunnies11 The Tale Of Mrs Tittlemouse12 The Tale Of Timmy Tiptoes13 The Tale Of Johnny Town Mouse 14 The Tale Of Mr Tod15 The Tale Of Pigling Bland16 The Tale Of Samuel Whiskers17 The Tale Of The Pie And The Patty Pan18 The Tale Of Ginger And Pickles19 The Tale Of Little Pig Robinson20 The Story Of A Fierce Bad Rabbit21 The Story Of Miss Moppet22 Appley Dapply S Nursery Rhymes23 Cecily Parsley S Nursery Rhymes

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    A tailor falls ill before Christmas and cannot finish an important coat for the mayor Luckily some mice with super sewing skills help in this Christmas version of the elves and the shoemaker The illustrations are lovely and we really enjoyed the part where it mentions the legend that animals can talk on Christmas Eve after midnight and before dawn We found it interesting that the only other illustration we can think of depicting at tailor at work also...

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    One of my favourites as a small child I loved the detailed illustrations of the mice s elegant clothingthan the story itself Apparently the tale is not original to Potter but based on a local folktale of the poor tailor helped out by magic mice Methinks it must have bee...

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    I m laughing as I think about the line notwist Oh that cat and the poor sick tailor The mice were great at working their magic and in the end the stitching was a fabulous sight, particularly around the buttons, wink wink Poetic, sweet, and fun

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    This story reminds me about the story of the elves and the shoemaker.

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    Miss Potter, may I ask what your new book will be about Some mice help a tailor make a waistcoat But the ending is flat No twist Ah of course A wonderful suggestion

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    I thought I hadn t read any Beatrix Potter until today, but this seems very familiar so I must have encountered it in my childhood.

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    This is a story of a tailor from the town Gloucester who got the assignment to make some beautiful coats for the mayor The tailor is impoverished and has a cat and very little money to buy anything Finally some mice in his shop came to his rescue Th...

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    Another Beatrix Potter tale that i loved as a child Reread it for readkidslit.

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    My favorite of all the Potter books I love to read this aloud to my babies.

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    Love this book to read to children at Christmas.

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