Side Quest

Side Quest Download Side Quest By Christopher Kerns Game Over And Over And Over Falling From Grace Leaves A Mark, Even In Virtual Reality No One Knows That Better Than Mitch Mantock, An Ex Gaming Phenom Now Scraping By In The Back Alleys Of Skirmish, The Most Popular Virtual Reality Game In 2055 When His Mentor Reveals That Mitch S Old Team A Ragtag Band Of Gamers With Baggage Than Bullets Has Vanished, Mitch Knows He S Their Only Chance To Get Home Alive Now, All He Has To Do Is Track Down His Old Teammates In A Series Of Unknown Virtual Worlds, Defeat An Undefeatable Artificial Intelligence Program, And Find His Way Back In One Piece No Big Deal.SIDE QUEST Is An Exciting Sci Fi Adventure That Brings You Along For The Ride As Our Hero Fights, Sneaks, And Bargains His Way Back Home Through A Collection Of VR Game Worlds Blasting Digital Zombie Cowboys With One Hand While Trying To Keep His Old Team Together With The Other No Matter What It Takes A Great Story RoyalRoad Reader Holy S This Tops Some Of The Best Works Out There RoyalRoad Reader

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    This book is classified LitRPG which is a new genre for me I enjoyed this though I am not a gamer I remember playing Zork for the first time and being completely obsessed with it for a time and then when the kids came along I played some of their games This book evoked some of the tension and adrenalin rush though I think I probably would have felt connected if I was into some of the games my son plays I am not sure my heart could take it It was interesting to see how the main character evolved though he was not very likable at first I would have liked to see a little of the real world character of the other players and while I appreciate that there were two female players, what little interaction there was, made them seem very male The author is male so maybe some female gamers will read and review and give some perspective on how that might ...

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    Wonderful readI really enjoyed this book from start to finish The writing was fun, the locations were varied, and the characters believable Waiting to see what the author has come up with.

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    I like the idea, really not a fan of the way it was written out.

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    Fun readAs a big fan of the genre I look forward to New installments, an interesting look at the future of humans.

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