Solve for Desire

Solve for Desire Read Solve For Desire Author Caitlin Bailey A Debut Collection Of Poems That Finds Fertile Ground In The Unknown Degree Of Intimacy, The Mysterious And Intense Relationship, Between Siblings Georg And Grete Trakl.Georg Trakl Is One Of The Most Celebrated Poets Of The Early Twentieth Century Less Is Known About His Sister, Grete Also Gifted, Also Addicted To Drugs, And Dead By Her Own Hand Three Years After Georg S Overdose But In Solve For Desire Selected By Srikanth Reddy As The Winner Of The 2017 Lindquist Vennum Prize For Poetry Caitlin Bailey Summons Grete From The Shadows At Once Sensual And Acidic, Obsessive And Bereft, The Grete Of These Poems Is A Fairy Tale Sister Leaving Missives Dropped Around The City, Crumbs For Your Ghost Can One Person Be Addicted To Another Can Two Souls Be Twinned, And Where Does That Leave The Physical How Do We Solve For Desire When The Object We Adore Disappears And How Does The Poet Solve And Resolve The Past, Its Wounds And Its Absences Each Time I Write Your Name, Bailey Writes, A Key Turns Somewhere In A Lock Like The Perfect Red Burst Of Poppies And Of Blood, These Poems Are A Blooming, Keening Exploration Of Desire Between Brother And Sister, Poet And Subject, The Living And The Dead.

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    This collection took my breath away I found myself reading each poem two or three times just to absorb it.

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    Super lovely writing I had one class with Caitlin in grad school and it was an editorial board for Water Stone Review It was so nice to get to read her poems in this collection and I wish our time in grad school together had matched up better so I could have read of her work

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    This haunting little collection came to me by word of mouth I don t even remember who told me about it at this point I kind of forgot about it, and then randomly, it came up as a suggestion when I ordered a different collection on I went ahead and threw it in the shopping cart, because why not I am glad I did, as it has become an instant favorite It is an earnest collection, both opaque and ethereal One of its best and worst features is the repetition of images such as field, suture, bed, wound The poet uses the repetition of images to create thematic consistency and also an immersive experience in the world of the speaker I do think she went a little overboard with it though About two thirds of the way through it was growing a bit tiresome But that is my only real complaint and it is...

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    BE STILL MY BEATING HEART What a blessing for me to have randomly picked up this collection of poetry This is the poetry I ve been trying to write for years now Caitlin Bailey is a master of infusing massive grief and desire into brevity and stark imagery Her words are resounding through the chambers of my heart still Nearly every poem had a line that shattered me into pieces Everyone should read this collection It depresses me that so few seem to have read this Perhaps my favorite co...

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    These are mostly exception poems Bailey has done a imaginative and wonderful job of giving Grete Trakl substance and voice Regardless of whether or not you know the Trakl s story or have an opinion on their lives and relationship these poems are moving meditations on desire, the soul, loneliness I...

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    I loved it Winner of the Lindquist Vennum Prize for Poetry 2017 Captures the lives of Georg and Grete Trakl s tragic story of addiction and suicide Their lives woven in various poetic forms Grete speaks of the love, the bond between this brother and sister.

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