A Christmas Date (First Comes Love #3)

A Christmas Date (First Comes Love #3) No One Wants To Be Single At The Holidays Even Little Miss Grinch, Nikki, A Successful And Independent Woman, Must Face Her Bachelorette Status At The Most Horrible Time Of The Year December Is Her Personal Version Of Holly Jolly Hell A Merry Torture Made Of Couples Kissing At Every Corner, Forced Vacation Days, And An Inescapable Family Reunion And When Her Baby Sister Announces She S Engaged To Paul, The Man Nikki Is Secretly In Love With And That He S Spending The Holidays With Them, Christmas Starts Looking Bluer Than Ever Nikki Can T Possibly Survive An Entire Week Trapped Home As The Family S Spinster But She Has No Time To Meet Men Or To Try The Newest Dating App, She S Too Busy Working As A Video Producer For An Advertising Agency So What S A Girl To Do Nikki Has The Perfect Solution To Hire A Fake Boyfriend Luckily, Her Job Gives Her Access To An Endless Catalog Of Gorgeous Actors To Choose From But Nikki Will Soon Discover That Keeping Business And Pleasure From Mixing Isn T So Easy, And That She Might Not Be Immune To A Little Mistletoe Magic Especially Not When She Picked Out The Perfect Man As Her Christmas Date A Fun, Festive Romantic Comedy With Lots Of Bad Behavior And Christmas Spirit Like A Creamy Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows, You Won T Want To Put This Deliciously Hilarious Novel Down Perfect For Fans Of Sophie Kinsella, Sally Thorne, And Jo Watson First Comes Love Is A Series Of Interconnected Romantic Novels However, Each Book In The Series Can Be Read As A Standalone

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    I absolutely adored and loved every single word in this book If you could see me you would see that I have a BIG smile on my face, I have found me another wonderful author I love a book that completely engages you and captures your heart The storyline in this book was not original, in fact it has been done many times before and the author even mentions that in the book but these characters were so electric, they completely drew me in Nikki is not in the holiday mood, in fact she wouldn t mind skipping the entire month of December when she finds out her sister is bringing her new fianc to Christmas she goes into full Scrooge mode The worst part her sister s fianc Paul, a man she s had a crush on since college determined not to go home for Christmas single and with no time to find a date Nikki decides to hire a date as I said this is a popular trope that has been done before, but I have to admit it is one of my favorites Nikki is a fantastic character I loved her, I mean what s not to love the girl is a cat lover She is also smart and sassy I adored her relationship with her BFF Blair but most of all I loved the banter and chemistry between Nicky and hired date Diego Diego was such a good guy, down to earth and genuine, the kind of guy you would want to take home to your parents not to mention he was tall, dark, and handsome The perfect go to parade in front of your sister, I make her a little bit jealous add in some family drama, Christmas festivities, gluten free food, adorable animals, and you have got yourself one wonderful story Absolutely recommend, this is one of the best Christmas romances I have Red this season A huge thank you to the author and Rachelle for my copy of this book

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    Oh how I LOVED this book This is my first Camilla Isley book and I can t wait to read all her others I have been searching high and low for the perfect romcom and I ve finally found it Best Christmas book of the season Nikki is a successful, single career woman who is reluctantly going home for the holidays After finally deciding that she s had enough with her family questioning why she s still single, she decides to take matters into her own hands.I loved these characters and their antics and the oh so perfect and smoldering love interest I mean, a beautiful man who is nice AND cleans up after himself That s a keeper This also has the perfect amount of Christmas atmosphere from snowman building to holiday meal prep you will find yourself catching the holiday spirit while reading.There is something to be said about a book that can make you laugh out loud and you will find that here If you re like me and read for entertainment, you will most definitely find yourself entertained Thank you again to Rachel and Camilla This book is now available

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    4 super cute and funny stars to A Christmas Date After not being much of a holiday book reader in my reading life, this year, I ve been on a spree of collecting holiday reads A Christmas Date is a standout amongst the pack Nikki is not a fan of the holidays Being single and independently so is hard this time of year When she would rather be working, she is forced to take time off and observe how romantic everyone feels about Christmas Everything comes to a head wine Nikki s sister announces her engagement to a man Nikki has feelings for but no one knows Not only that, but he is spending the holidays with the family in celebration Nikki needs to survive this week at home and look good doing it, so she hires a fake boyfriend She quickly finds a handsome actor to play the part However, what will happen if Nikki finds the magical romance of the holidays charming her, too A Christmas Date is an endearingly funny romantic comedy perfect for an holiday pick me up It s soothing, comforting, and super cute I read it in one quick sitting Thanks to my friends, Melisa and Berit for the recommendation.Thanks also to the publisher for the complimentary copy All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog www.jennifertarheelreader.com

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    Book Reviewed by Stacey on www.whisperingstories.comNikki has been in love with Paul for many years since they were teenagers but when Paul started dating her younger sister Julia a couple of years ago she knew he was out of bounds forever and it broke her heart.When her sister announces, just before Christmas, that the two are engaged Nikki puts on a brave face but is absolutely devastated Then she learns that when she goes home to her parents for Christmas the loved up Julia and Paul will be staying too, upset about being around the pair for a week she takes drastic action.Nikki hires male model Diego, to be her boyfriend for the holidays and with Diego being Julia s ideal man, Nikki is even impressed with her choice as she can t wait for her sister to be so jealous of her But will her plan work I love Camilla Isley s books as they bring together lots of humour, great characters and romantic moments that are always bursting at the seams A Christmas Date is no exception.From opening the first page to the very last, I was addicted The bickering sisters, parents who are at the ends of their wits with their daughters, a handsome fake date and the best, best friend a girl could ask for, plus a dog that thinks he s a cat What s not to like This book is pure enjoyment the whole way through The plot was a little predictable at times, but this didn t lessen my enjoyment as Camilla s writing style is so engaging and exciting.This is the third book in a series, though it can be read as a stand alone too It wasn t until I was partway through that I realised that I had read book two in the series as well Doh.If you love rom coms this is the book to read, especially at this time of year with it being set over Christmas It is just delightful It is also heart warming too and will put a smile on your face.

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    Favorite Quotes Oh, come on You sleep in the candy shop every night, and you want me to believe you ve never thought of tasting the candies If Diego was a real boyfriend, and not one paid to endure my family, I d be dying of shame at their ill concealed eagerness Mom and Julia look like wolfhounds with the scent of a bone fresh in their nostrils Your mom and your old crone of an aunt always complain you re never going to find a man But I told them how wrong they were, and bet Dora a pie you d be married before forty, which is the new thirty I m not sure what makes me angrier the fact that my mom openly discusses my dating life with the whole town or that, apparently, the prize of my happiness is a pumpkin pie that doesn t justify her calling me fat and old She s so petty I don t remember Julia calling you fat or old But she did, in female code language You girls have a secret language All gals do it s Bitchenglish My Review My first exposure to the witty comedic style of Camilla Isley, and I am an instant fangirl I smirked my way through this lively and clever tale that sure, it has been done before, but this version was much fun While they may have been adults, sleeping in their childhood beds seemed to harken them back to their surly teen and childish whining behaviors The characters were competitive, stressed to a toxic level, and nearing the obnoxious register on the pettiness scale with life long sibling rivalries reaching a scalding level But what family holiday gathering isn t complete without several meltdowns and a messy food skirmish It s not even Halloween yet and I m already in the Christmas spirit and dreaming of the heavily laden table bring on the pie.

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    This is my first Christmas story I hope it ll make you feel as warm and fuzzy as a hot chocolate sprinkled with marshmallows It s a book filled with plenty of holidays spirit, good and bad family behaviors, a fake boyfriend, kittens, and lots of snow, humor, and romance.Get it wherever books are sold Apple BooksBarnes NobleGoogle PlayKoboHappy Reading Love,Camilla

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    4 A Cosy Festive Romance.First of all I want to start by saying how festive the cover is I love it, it sums up A Christmas Date.A Christmas Date is the third book in the series, but my first book I had absolutely no problem quickly settling into the story I really enjoyed reading this Warm, Cosy, feel good, light hearted Romp It had Romance, Fun, Family Drama, sibling rivalry, Mishaps, Sass, Fake Dates, Secrets, all around the Festive Season.Nikki hates Christmas, but most of all she hates spending it with her judgemental family.You see Nikki s sister Jules is perfect in every way and now she is about to blow Nikki s world apart Jules has just announced shes engaged to boyfriend Paul.Why would that bother Nikki well Nikki is head over heels hopelessly in Love with Paul They knew each other from way back But Nikki missed her chance.After hearing the news about the engagement, Nikki decides the only way she is going to get through the holidays is to hire herself a Fake Boyfriend.So she enters a few details into her Advertising works database and finds Diego Five thousand dollars later, a promise of an Audition for the Super Bowl Commercial and Diego is hired Diego is Tall, Dark, Handsome and Smouldering HOT everything that Nikki s sister Jules finds sexually attractive.But in order for them to make their Fake Relationship work, Nikki decides to move Diego into her flat temporarily so they can become acquainted with each other.Ok so. Nikki has hired Diego to make Jules jealous, shut her family up, and make going home for Christmas that lil bit bearable.I mean what could possibly go wrong Camilla has created a captivating, witty and fun Romantic Romp.The characters are likeable, endearing, real, and Nikki and Diego quickly became my favourite characters I loved their cheeky flirty banter between them.The pace just flows along, I simply devoured it in two nights.I highly recommend this adorable book if you are wanting a festive feel good read, that will sweep you away with Romance, Drama and Cheeky Banter the perfect Rom Com Chick Lit.So grab a hot chocolate and snuggle down.Thank you to Rachel Random Resources for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.My Review is also on my Blog Website

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    So so good I m feeling the Christmas spirit in November and this is not like me Camilla Isley won me over and I m totally in love with my new book boyfriend Diego Mr Perfect I m a fan of fake relationships and this one is perfectly executed Nikki is very successful in her career She is not very lucky when it comes to love In fact, her sister is dating the man of her dreams and Nikki just wants to get through the holidays unscathed In the run up to Christmas Nikki tries to avoid long conversations with her family in the hope of not being roped into too many unpleasant memories Unfortunately this year her sister is about to spring the ultimate unbearable news Paul is coming home for Christmas with her and they are getting married Nikki wants to make it through the holidays without all the synthetic family members wondering when she s going to settle down After the idea is given to her she decides to get herself a little Christmas present A man for Christmas Diego O Donnell is a struggling actor picked right out of a catalogue He s tall, dark and half Italian He has green smouldering eyes and a badass bike He s Nikki s sister s dream man and perfect for the job Little does Nikki know he is also sweet, caring and a beautiful person A Christmas date is fun, festive and loveable I was hooked on every minute Yes, it s cliche and maybe Diego is too perfect for the real world but isn t that what Christmas is all about This is the perfect heartwarming Christmas read and I loved it I will definitely be looking at this authors other books I think I ve just become a new fan Fingers crossed 5 out of 5 It s great I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley.

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    Beautifully written with wit, humour, romance and festive high jinx A Christmas Date was a real festive treat that I enjoyed from page one The parent guilt trip Yep, been there To the wonderful ending.I guess that this is a festive trope that will never grow old for me and I love new twists on it What I go here was a refreshingly funny I mean really funny tale The stressful family Christmas situation, the embarrassment and the arguments that end up being less awful than was expected This one added so much Christmas sparkle with the laugh out loud moments and festive warm fuzzies I am smiling and full of festive spiritThank you to Rachel s Random Resources and Camilla Isley for providing me with a review copy of A Christmas Date in exchange for my honest review.

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    If you are thinking what I think, then you guessed it right This is the textual Christmas version of The Wedding Date , but far better than the original book Asking for Trouble of which the movie is based So we could pretty much see the story through the blurb itself, but that won t deter the reading pleasure a bit After all, this is a different setting, different girl and if you can visualise someone better looking than Dermot Mulroney, well, then we have a too good to be true hero in our hands This is the third in the First Comes Love series but can be read as a standalone Filled with festive spirit, family moments and siblings rivalry, the book makes an unforgettable read which will warm you like a sweet cup of hot chocolate Nikki and Diego make a charming couple and their love story is as exciting and intriguing as their respective personalities Within no time, we get attached to both of them and the impact of the fake date arrangement on Jules was priceless I enjoyed every twist and turn of the plot and the ending was really fitting to a Christmas story Highly recommended

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