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After the Flood An Inventive And Riveting Epic Saga, After The Flood Signals The Arrival Of An Extraordinary New TalentA Little Than A Century From Now, Our World Has Been Utterly Transformed After Years Of Slowly Overtaking The Continent, Rising Floodwaters Have Obliterated America S Great Coastal Cities And Then Its Heartland, Leaving Nothing But An Archipelago Of Mountaintop Colonies Surrounded By A Deep Expanse Of Open WaterStubbornly Independent Myra And Her Precocious Seven Year Old Daughter, Pearl, Fish From Their Small Boat, The Bird, Visiting Dry Land Only To Trade For Supplies And Information In The Few Remaining Outposts Of Civilization For Seven Years, Myra Has Grieved The Loss Of Her Oldest Daughter, Row, Who Was Stolen By Her Father After A Monstrous Deluge Overtook Their Home In Nebraska Then, In A Violent Confrontation With A Stranger, Myra Suddenly Discovers That Row Was Last Seen In A Far Off Encampment Near The Artic Circle Throwing Aside Her Usual Caution, Myra And Pearl Embark On A Perilous Voyage Into The Icy Northern Seas, Hoping Against Hope That Row Will Still Be ThereOn Their Journey, Myra And Pearl Join Forces With A Larger Ship And Myra Finds Herself Bonding With Her Fellow Seekers Who Hope To Build A Safe Haven Together In This Dangerous New World But Secrets, Lust, And Betrayals Threaten Their Dream, And After Their Fortunes Take A Shocking And Bloody Turn, Myra Can No Longer Ignore The Question Of Whether Saving Row Is Worth Endangering Pearl And Her Fellow TravelersA Compulsively Readable Novel Of Dark Despair And Soaring Hope, After The Flood Is A Magnificent, Action Packed, And Sometimes Frightening Odyssey Laced With Wonder An Affecting And Wholly Original Saga Both Redemptive And Astonishing

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    It has happened The climate change the scientists have been warning us about for years The incessant rain has eliminated all our coastal cities Climate refugees are heading for the middle of the country Soon though even those cities will be covered with water Myra and her daughter live in the boat her grandfather built for them before he died She is searching for the daughter her husband had left with, when the water kept rising A timely novel, climate change has been a topic much written about in recent years An adventure story featuring a strong female character, a mamma bear who continually fights for the daughter she has, and the one that is lost As in many disasters there are those people who will help, against those who take advantage A fast moving story as there is so much action, though at times this was too much Also eye rolling on my part accompanied some of the happenings It was though an entertaining read Definitely an I am Woman hear me roar type of book.ARC from Edelweiss.

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    Many thanks to the best gal in the world, Jamie, for sending me her extra copy of this one I ve already started it SURPRISE and I m loving it so far

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    ARC provided by the publisher in exchange of an honest review Quick story time I don t like swimming because I drowned once when I was a kid I still remember the feeling up to this day I was weightless and lost the ability to move, The voices were muffled and water was all around me, I couldn t call for help Then a hand came from above and grabbed me and here I am

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    I received this book from Goodreads.It s about damn time a decent Post Apocalyptic hit the shelves.After the Flood is suspenseful, evocative, atmospheric, emotional, and heartbreaking In a menacing prediction of the nonfiction kind, Kassandra Montag gives us a ominous fictional look at a world of rising sea levels, resource scarcity, the fall of countries and governments and the rise of mountaintop colonies and pirates, the unpredictability of humans in a crisis, impossible moral choices, and the unanswerable question of how far one woman will go for her children.I suggest finding somewhere comfortable because this book will rivet your butt to the seat Be prepared for hard questions, emotional turmoil, moral impossibilities, bloody battles, and the frightening endurance of the human heart I could have told him what I knew now that you could choose to be alone like you could choose anything else Nothing out in the world never changed it being your choice Hope would never come knocking on your door You had to claw your way toward it, rip it out of the cracks of your loss where it poked out like some weed, and cling to it

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    Review to follow near publication date as requested by the publisher.

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    I received an ARC of this book.Futuristic view of the world after a couple of massive floods that have put coastlines and mountain ranges under water Land is tight and most of the population live on boats, floating and trading Life is tough for everyone and in this book we follow Myra and her daughter Pearl.At the core of this tale is a mothers and daughters with the question, how far would you go for your children Myra lost her 5 year old daughter Row when her husband took Row and left, after the 6 year flood, which had been preceded by a 100 year flood Less than nine months later, Myra gave birth to Pearl and together they have fought for survival across the years When Myra finds out her daughter is alive but faces the real possibility of being put on a breeder ship in the coming months, she decides that no matter what it takes, her family is going to put together again.What follows is the tale of mother and daughter risking everything to save the daughter who came before The question asked here, is it worth risking the daughter you have for the one you lost What would you do to get to that daughter As their boat floats over mountain tops and cities, the two have quite a journey ahead of them They meet up with new people, face various dangers and risks and Myra constantly questions whether she is on the right path or not At it s essence is love love for a child, questioning your worth for love Myra puts her kids above everything else and this journey teaches her there is so much to family than blood.Great novel for fans of dystopian fiction It is a little dark at times, lets face it, how can a world after climate change be cheery and bright, but it is an excellent adventure journey.

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    I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway The subject really intrigued me and I started it as soon as I could After the Flood was just as good as I hoped it would be The story takes place in the year 2130 after a 100 year flood The world is covered mostly by water due to climate change There is very little land just mountain tops with trading posts and colonies Myra and her young daughter, Pearl, live on their small boat catching fish to eat and to trade for other resources They are also searching for Myra s older daughter, Row, who was taken by her husband 8 years earlier Myra does everything possible to find Row while struggling to keep Pearl safe in what is now a very dangerous world I loved this book, couldn t put it down, and hope there will be a sequel I really want to find out what happens next.

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    A promising premise that does not deliver Full disclosure I received a free e ARC for review through Edelweiss Trigger warning for rape, kidnapping, human trafficking, suicide, and drug use This is how the water takes us.DNF at 76%.Thirty something Myra lives in a future that could one day very well be our own Flooding fueled by climate change gradually claimed the coasts before she was born and, when she just a young woman, the Hundred Year flood reached her doorstep the plains of Nebraska sweeping her mother away in a tidal wave The family her migrant husband, Jacob daughter Row and Grandfather retreated to the second floor of the house, as Grandfather raced against time to build them a boat on which to navigate this terrifying new world But before he could finish, Jacob fled with a neighbor, taking Row with himand leaving a pregnant Myra behind It s been seven years since Row was kidnapped Without Grandfather and his boat, Bird, Myra would not have survived Grandfather is gone, though, having passed mercifully in his sleep and if she and her younger daughter are to survive, Myra has reached the dispiriting conclusion that she must abandon her search for Row However, a chance encounter with a raider suggests that Row may not only be alive, but in imminent danger held captive on a colony in Greenland and at risk of being sent to a breeding ship it s exactly what it sounds like Bird is too small to make such as a treacherous passing but the Sedna, which comes to their aid, is just perfect Can Myra convince its inhabitants to make the journey Should she Is it okay to sacrifice their lives for that of their daughter To sacrifice Pearl for Row If this sounds like Mad Max Fury Road, but with too much water instead of not enough, then you understand my initial excitement I devoured the first 25% or so of the book the early world building is promising We still called oceans by their former names, but it was really one giant ocean now, littered with pieces of land like crumbs fallen from the sky.The remnants of humanity either live in crowded slums wedged into the sides of what used to be mountain ranges, but are now like islands the rest risk weather, starvation, dehydration, and pirate raiders the descendants of private military outfits, natch at sea Human trafficking is prevalent, as is colonizing, now with the biological warfare Sadly, After the Flood breaks down like this 40% pointless whining about ethical dilemmas Myra s gonna Myra, am I right , 30% boat talk, 10% cringy sex scenes, and maybe, generously, 20% intriguing world building and poetic prose about the natural world The characters are either unlikable or not fully fleshed out or both and when I say unlikable, I don t mean in that love to hate em, Gone Girl kind of way Unlikable characters can be super entertaining, but this is not the case here Myra is unrelentingly irritating her internal conflicts are dull and repetitive, and the umbrage she takes at discovering that other people also have their own, sometimes hidden agendas would be laughable if it wasn t so annoyingly self absorbed and hypocritical Pot, meet kettle She flies into a rage with Daniel even though her deceptions are arguably worse he s just floating along in the wake of destruction she s creating in her quest to rescue Row Daniel is wholly uninteresting, and Pearl is of a brat than is reasonable in this world idk how she could act like that and survive for so long And for all her whining about how Myrna doesn t listen to herdidn t they just spend the better part of a decade trapped on a small boat together, with only each other and, for a brief period, one other person for company Abran, the captive of the Sedna, is not believable as a leader at all He s a bossy, short tempered alcoholic without the stones to make the hard decisions I can t see anyone following him from one Grateful Dead concert to the next, let alone across the vast, empty ocean Montag forces him into a love triangle with Daniel and Myrna and the whole thing is just yawn.It hurts to see what could have been an engaging and prescient story go down like this, but it is what it is Honestly, I m puzzled at all the glowing early reviews Were we reading the same book

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    Disclosure I have known Kassandra for years I received this copy through the Goodreads give a way and have been looking forward to reading it I would also mention that this really isn t my genre With that saidThe story is riveting I would describe it as tumbling down a mountain An engaging page turning novel Her writing style is excellent She uses this literary tool to explore our relationships and goals Why do we do the things that we do Who do we trust Why do we trust All of this in the post apocalyptic context of a flooded world A world in which man is driven by his base instincts and all of its ugliness Yet, Myra, the main character is driven by her need to protect her daughters and reconcile her past.With its strong female lead and tipping its hat at the effects of global warming, I anticipate it doing well.

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