Great and Precious Things

[PDF] Great and Precious Things By Rebecca Yarros –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Great and Precious Things
  • Rebecca Yarros
  • 03 November 2019
  • 9781640638167

Great and Precious ThingsHow Do You Define Yourself When Others Have Already Decided Who You Are Six Years Ago, When Camden Daniels Came Back From War Without His Younger Brother, No One In The Small Town Of Alba, Colorado, Would Forgive Him Especially His Father He Left, Swearing Never To ReturnBut A Desperate Message From His Father Brings It All Back The Betrayal The Pain And The Need To Go Home Again But Home Is Where The One Person He Still Loves Is Waiting Willow The One Woman He Can Never Have Because There Are Secrets Buried In Alba That Are Best Left In The DarkIf Only He Could Tell His Heart To Stay Locked Away When She Whispers She S Always Loved Him, And Always Will Great And Precious Things Is A Heart Wrenching Story About Family, Betrayal, And Ultimately How Far We Re Willing To Go On Behalf Of Those Who Need Us Most

About the Author: Rebecca Yarros

Rebecca Yarros is a hopeless romantic and a lover of all things coffee, chocolate, and Paleo She is the author of the Flight Glory series, including Full Measures, the award winning Eyes Turned Skyward, Beyond What is Given, and Hallowed Ground Her new Renegade Series features Wilder and the upcoming Nova, and is sure to keep your heart pounding She loves military heroes, and has been

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    Without a doubt, Great And Precious Things is Yarros best work to date Few writers bring together undeniable romance and touching emotional moments like Yarros She s a master at weaving together details so intricately that you feel like you re a part of the story as it s taking place It s a talent that not all possess She captures you so fast that by the second page, you feel like you re home It s bizarre and addicting It s one of the greatest things to find as a reader The themes of the story resonated so deeply with me What family hasn t been touched by disease How many of us hasn t felt like the black sheep at some point or another This story entertains Interestingly, it also nurtures you as you go along like a warm blanket on a chilly night It s a story you need, a tale that scratches an itch that you couldn t quite put your finger on It makes you believe in family In community In second chances and healing It gives you hope at a time when we all need a little bit of that The characters are dynamic and Camden is the ultimate hero He steals scenes quietly with his grit and chip on his shoulder bravado He s exactly what I m looking for when I crack open the pages of a book He s a treat, a wonderful concoction of sex appeal and a heart of gold that I fell head over heels for by the end of the first chapter I love him Great And Precious Things is a tale I will remember It s is a story that have me saying, Oh, Colorado I lived there once with a man named Cam

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    I usually don t have a hard time writing a review I mean I m no author but the words flow and I am able to express how I felt while reading a book If it was laughter, trepidation, even tears the words pour out like a geyser This is not the case with Great and Precious Things by Rebecca Yarros Don t get me wrong the book was AH MAZE ING but being able to capture all of that and put it on a page is a little daunting But I ll try.Great and Precious Things is based in a small ghost town in Colorado It s called Alba I looked it up On a map It wasn t there but if it was ROAD TRIP Anywhoo, I digress I know Ms Yarros writing, so I was semi prepared for emotion The ones I mentioned earlier They were there but so was MORE From the very beginning, Ms Yarros ensnares the reader and begins the ascent Think of a roller coaster up up up you go You know there are twists and turns You know there are ups and downs You don t know when they are coming but you have that flutter in your belly that you just want to throw your arms up and see where the ride goes.On to the story Honestly, you couldn t dream of a better, steadfastly loyal, loving leading character than Camden I m not going to talk about his physical character geez, go read the book I m interested in his heart He is unwavering and unyielding And he doesn t give one flying fig Luckily he s got the physicality to intimidate He s the embodiment of that if you love something, let go saying He will sacrifice himself with a smile A bittersweet smile, but smile all the same And he is the perfect match to Willow s bruised and battered heart They appear polar opposites Cam is big and outwardly opposing Willow is small and fragile looking They are two sides of the same coin Cam is the anchor in Willow s world He has the strength to steady her, but also the strength to pull her out of her head I hope everybody has their own Camden in their lives.It is my opinion that this book is a gentle reminder, a loving push, and an earnest nudge from the author to take heart to be kind to yourself and others , don t feel stupid for loving yourself and others , let the past stay in the past for yourself and others , and move into the future happy and healthy for yourself and others It was just so like watching the surf roll and ebb into the shore It was gentle and sweet, angst y and dramatic, and bittersweet and beautiful It was a wonderful story Like a day spent watching the shoreline, reading this book was a day well spent Ms Yarros characters Alexander, not Camden and Willow, sometimes Gideon are substantial and real They re people you can imagine knowing You want to follow them and know their stories You want to take your shoes off and walk along the shoreline of their world This book gave equal measure to both the Hero and the Heroine You could, figuratively speaking, pick up the pieces of the characters like picking up seashells This story hurts in the best possible way It s like watching something so beautiful that it steals your breath away Tears you didn t know were falling run off your chin and puddle in that space your bra creates between your girls That s truly an un awesome feeling You catch your breath and read on because you know you know what you re really reading is actually happening And it sucks Besides the wet spot in the middle of your chest You just can t stop It s not the rubber necking you do watching an accident where you can t look away It s different It s because you were there in this really private moment of sheer beauty It s just fantastic that you got to be in the room while these intimate tender moments are happening between two people You got to be there.It s a beautiful tribute to the love two people can share It s a beautiful tribute from the author to the reader that she trusts you to get it It s a tribute to the power of the written word to reach across the most uncomfortable emotions and find beauty So, here I am I didn t stop reading this story And I have to change my bra It s an intensely emotional story I recommend reading this book Specifically, read it with your bra on Goodness knows you don t want your tears to puddle in the belly button

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    Original review A Novel GlimpseNote This review is for an ARC and is my unbiased opinion Last year, I found Rebecca Yarros books This year, I m trying to catch up and read everything she s written including her newest release, Great and Precious Things.Great and Precious Things is a romance at heart, but it explores some greater social, moral, familial, and community themes It hits those themes hard and is unrelenting in its challenges to both the reader and the characters Perry did an outstanding job tackling all the issues she did, while adding a hint of surprise.As for the romance, I adored Willow and Cam I was constantly frustrated on their behalf, but so happy when they found their way to each other They had each other s backs in the best ways possible, all while emitting this great chemistry They were easy to love.Great and Precious Things is one of those romances that challenges you and makes you feel multiple emotions It was well written and is sure to be a hit with fans of Yarros writing and newcomers as well.

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    4 Stars Source eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Entangled Amara via EdelweissGenre Adult Romance with military elementsStandaloneMy Great and Precious Things Review I absolutely adore Rebecca Yarros and her heartfelt stories This time around we have Camden Daniels Willow Bradley Camden Cam has back home to a place where he s not wanted However, his father needs him so he comes home and leaves the military behind Camden also comes home with tons of regret and baggage Camden and Willow were childhood best friends but when Cam left he took her heart Unfortunately the town of Alba has a weird fascination with their town and their version of a moral compass They are in everyone s business and have strong opinions that not all agree Cam and Willow have a lot of hurdles to battle to find their happiness Even though this book is a love story about Cam and Willow it is also so much It s about the value of family, grief, loss and alzheimers The effects of alzheimer s disease are so hard on the person it s happening to and the family For Cam and this town the fight for the right for his dad to have choice and the right to what he wants before he loses his mind is a hard fight.While Cam is fighting for his dad, there are many other elements going on with this town This story had so much with suspense, love, and hard hitting issues.It was a great story and written well that you felt like you were on the journey with Cam and Willow You re free to make your own choices, but you re not free from the consequences of that choice Adore this author and can t wait for .

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    This slow burning romance wasn t just good it was great and precious Great and Precious is a slow burning love story packed full of hard won and endearing, precious moments Cam and Willow are old friends who need to deal with some unaddressed emotions Willow is Cam s dead brother s former girlfriend and untouchable in Cam s eyes Cam, who recently retired from the Army Special Forces, blames himself for his brother s death He returns home many years later to a small town of people that despise him, including his own father Cam and Willow have many family related hurdles and emotional baggage to sort through They tip toe through a mine field of love, lies, guilt, and deception to find each other Great and Precious Things was beautifully written and not overdramatic The end was just a perfect beginning I loved this one.

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    I really enjoyed this book I loved seeing how families can forgive and move forward This book also shows not to judge until you know the entire story Cam and Willow were amazing characters and I adored little Rose.

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    Perfection This book gave me all the feels, especially as I lost my father to Alzheimers I always love a great love story that s than just about a romance, and this one delivered There was romance and so much love, but also acceptance and healing Just simply beautiful

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    4 stars He d protected me for the simple reason that I d been theirs all my life The girl who tagged along with the Daniels boys The naive teenager who stayed behind when three brothers went to war The woman who shattered when only two came home This is a book about redemption About a bad boy not being so bad and a perfect man hiding dark secrets It s a book about living in a very small town and not being able to outrun your bad reputation and the mistakes from your youth.A story of hidden jealousy and what it pushes us to do, what it will cost us one day.This is also about long lasting love but bad timing and missed opportunities How a split second decision can simply be a matter of life or death, love or loneliness You ll also read about choosing your death, the right to die with dignity, on your own terms And you ll also hurt when two brothers will be divided by their beliefs, each trying to do what he deems best You have guilt and remorse.Love and hurt.Hope and death.Redemption And so many other feelings I loved Willow and Cam Together and apart Cam Appearances are deceiving and he began as a man with a short fuse, prone to fight with his fists when he was young Now after a decade of army training, he s learned to rein his temper in.But why would he fight often Why would he be the bad boy to everyone but Willow, his neighbor That s what we have the pleasure to discover in the story because there is a reason why he rejected everyone And my heart broke for him when I learned what happened Cam is huge, handsome, protective of Willow and dead set on caring for his sick father even if said father is rejecting him at every turn His dedication and his stubbornness were admirable I loved Willow She went for her dream despite what her father, the judge, wanted for her She followed her own path all while trying to stay close to her parents, her sister and her niece That s not always easy to live in a small town She was smart, loving and..funny in her own way Maybe now was a good time to stand up and twirl around in my super short red skirt like a matador with an angry bull Cam and Willow s love story was a slow burn, very heartwarming to watch I love friends to lovers romance and forbidden romance, even if the forbidden aspect was quite mild all things considered You two are a damned Shakespearean tragedy It s slightly entertaining yet incredibly painful to watch The town of Alba and its inhabitants with their beliefs, prejudices and small drama feel like its own character and add to the reading s enjoyment Rebecca Yarros wrote a very romantic story with some heartbreak, surprises, slow burn, strong and loyal heroes On a side of inside note, I loved how Rose tested her theory Have you read this book Or any book by Rebecca Yarros Thanks for reading Sophie Find me on Wordpress Beware Of The ReaderFacebook Beware Of The Reader Facebook group Beware Book Boyfriends Alert Instagram bewareofthereader Twitter BewareOffReader

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    What comes with great stories, is great emotion, and Rebecca Yarros just delivered both on a silver platter Rebecca Yarros is the author of all authors and Great And Precious Things testifies to that This riveting emotional novel is one that has all the attributes to make it the great book it is This author s Great And Precious Things is a flawlessly written emotionally charged romance that has great angst and emotion that comes from not only the plot, but the subplots as well Rebecca Yarros wrote with so much depth and understanding that held such delicacy to the details, that I found myself locked into Camden and Willows story for HOURS because the flow just flowed so well I found myself quickly realizing there was a bigger picture than the soul searching romance, and with that came the slow burn of Camden and Willow There was no rush, just patience and understanding This author took the liberty to tackle something that can resonate with readers such as myself, so while we do get the romance, we also get the real life stuff Camden and Willow s story is not an easy one, but their will to not give up was enough to inspire me.Camden is a force to be reckoned with Being the black sheep of the family has left it s challenges for him, so having a chip on his shoulder should come as no surprise Not all is as it seems though, because deep down he is the exact opposite He is kind, and loyal and fiercely protective of those he loves.Willow comes off as a non confrontational heroine but when push comes to shove, her resilience speaks for it s self She is so much stronger than everyone thinks, and her loyalty to prove whats right is spell bounding Her will to love given with her past, shows how truly strong she is.When life brings Camden home, he is not only faced with his past, but the consequences of his past Does he have the will to move on and get the girl despite the communities concerns, or does his hometown push him out for good this time AshleyFollow the blog Instagram Facebook Twitter Bookbub Goodreads

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