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Violet In The Lineage Of Peter Straub S Julia, Scott Thomas Violet Is The Disturbing Tale Of A Woman Haunted By Her Long Abandoned Imaginary Friend For Many Children, The Summer Of Was Filled With Sunshine And Laughter But For Ten Year Old Kris Barlow, It Was Her Chance To Say Goodbye To Her Dying Mother Three Decades Later, Loss Returns Her Husband Killed In A Car Accident And So, Kris Goes Home To The Place Where She First Knew Pain To That Summer House Overlooking The Crystal Waters Of Lost Lake It S There That Kris And Her Eight Year Old Daughter Will Make A Stand Against Grief But A Shadow Has Fallen Over The Quiet Lake Town Of Pacington, Kansas Beneath Its Surface, An Evil Has Grown And Inside That Home Where Kris Barlow Last Saw Her Mother, An Old Friend Awaits Her Return

About the Author: Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas is the Stoker nominated author of Kill Creek, which was selected by the American Library Association s reader committee as the top horror book of 2017 Originally from Coffeyville, Kansas, Scott attended the University of Kansas where he earned degrees in English and Film He has written TV movies and teleplays for various networks including Netflix, Syfy, MTV, VH1, the CW, Disney Cha

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    Something about the story and the way Mr Thomas writes just leaves me with a deep, down disquieting feeling I will say that 2 books into this author, and I feel he knows what s up His first book was messed up from the start And I mean that in a good way This Honestly, if it were almost, any other author, I d have quit This started as a slow burn But, hold on tight, because it gets going Had I quit, that would have been real stupid on my end I did have the heebie, jeebies Not too big a deal But, dude..when my short hairs stand straight up, that does it Now y all don t know me, but I have hair on my head That s it.When I say my short hairs have stood up, that means that I m so scarified, that I ve found an unknown region of hairs LOL O.K.,.that s a lie, but just barely Maybe Also, my thanks to the author, Inkshares Press, whom I m keeping my beastly eye on, and also Netgalley Still, Inkshares have been coming on strong lately We ll see how that goes Recommended

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    DNF 26%The writing is so detailed it s painful Every single move is chronicled and I m so bored I can t take it any I feel like I m reading a script.Here s a sample She did a quick pass over her bottom teeth and spat a bubbly mixture of toothpaste and saliva into the sink Cupping a hand under the faucet, she slurped cool water into her mouth She spat the water out and rinsed the sink before turning the faucet off THE ENTIRE STORY IS LIKE THIS I mean, a simple She brushed her teeth would have sufficed Amiright At 26%, one day has passed that consisted of cleaning house Imagine the amount of detail involved in describing a house cleaning Ugh I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    I hope this book does not just get pigeon holed as a horror novel, I hope that this gets a wider audience than just readers of the genre because while it is a very suspenseful and at times scary book, it is also so much than that I loved this authors first book Kill Creek and was very excited when I was given the chance to read and review an arc copy of this This is a book about friendship and family ties and ultimately, loss It s also about survival What people do and tell themselves to get by when the crap is hitting the fan with the realization that the world won t stop turning because you need it to and that life goes on whether or not you want it to Right from the onset you know that the characters are going through it From the beginning you know that they are running from something, trying to regroup, and get themselves back to some sense of normalcy This setup is what made the book for me in terms of connecting with the characters and making me care for them and about what was going on And I think without the time spent doing this the ending would not have been as impactful nor as emotional All these different things were happening and backstories were filled in and all the while it seemed like I, as the reader, was circling the drain, sinking slowly but gaining momentum towards the finale And what a grand finale it was Everything came together in such a spectacular and satisfying way I just might have had tears in my eyes might have, because men don t cry I also loved the way the author used music to set the tone and mood throughout As the main character listened to old mix tapes her mom had made I was able to hear these songs in my head as I knew and loved most of them myself and it totally added to my overall enjoyment and appreciation of the book It was little things like this that set this one apart for me, the little added details that might not have been necessary to further the plot but made the story all the vivid for their inclusion Violet made me laugh, it made me sad, it also scared the crap out of me The book made me feel pity and disgust but also relief and happiness Violet is a fast paced book without a wasted page and no time was spent with meaningless fodder or filler Total reading enjoyment is to be found in here and I give this my highest recommendation possible I want to thank Inkshares and Netgalley for providing me the arc of this but that in no way impacted my opinion or review.

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    Writing up my review for Cemetery Dance nowTweet from like 5 minutes ago WOW I just finished VIOLET by ninjawhenever and my cage is rattled I feel this tremor in my fingers not sure if I ll be able to type out a review for CemeteryDance tonight or if I need to calm myself firstwe shall see Early thoughts, DAMN THAT WAS GOOD SCARY Inkshares

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    Scott Thomas, author of Kill Creek, delivers a most masterful read Horror pertaining to childhood has always freaked me out Violet freaked me out on another level I can hang with evil toys, urban legends, and the paranormal What I can t hang with is imaginary friends Violet plays on that creepy aspect from our childhoods Imaginary friends have always scared me Kids seeing an invisible person or thing and spending time with them Kids converse, confide in, and get into mischief with them To me, it s spine chilling because you really don t know who or what is talking to you, your friends, or your children Bystanders can t see them or communicate with them When a kid mentions their imaginary friends by name, I freeze up and chills run down my spine You don t really know if the imaginary friend is benevolent or malevolent until it s than likely too late What happens when the kid grows up Does the imaginary friend go away How can you be sure Violet explores all of these questions and .I was truly blown away with Scott Thomas s prose He has become a stronger writer since his debut The sentences flow better and the dialogue is smoother, making for a smooth reading experience The pacing is nice and taut The story never bogs down or gets sluggish The two main characters are everything The mother daughter duo, Kris and Sadie, have tons of depth And something or someone has been waiting for their return Violet is filled with tragedy and great sadness You can immediately sense the dread with the gut wrenching opening scene It s the foreboding that propels the story forward at a breakneck speed Scott Thomas sucks you headlong into the story with his complex characters and rich narrative You want what s best for Kris and Sadie I was on the edge of my seat during all of the arduous situations and scenarios.Scott Thomas uses vignettes to expand on the characters backstory Thomas reveals a little bit at a time, peeling back layers of the characters and their history He gives you just enough information to keep you turning the page The scenes in Violet are vivid Thomas doesn t just tell you about the people and places, he shows you It s one helluva reading experience Like I said before, there s so much tragedy and it s heart wrenching just thinking about what horrible things Scott Thomas puts his characters through He literally throws the whole kitchen sink at his characters to see if they can survive I would like to say that before I started this book I read the synopsis I normally don t, but I just felt compelled to with this one At first, I thought it revealed a lot about the plot, but upon finishing the story I realized that it barely scratches the surface You couldn t guess the plot, climax, or ending if you tried I have never cried with a character than I did with Kris It has a lot to do with the way Scott Thomas wrote her scenes, and how much emotional trauma she has endured over her lifetime After all, Violet is set in the aftermath of tragedy and loss Mental health also plays a key role in this story It certainly adds an extra layer of intrigue to an already outstanding tale Violet is eerie in the best ways This book has all the ingredients you need for a great horror story Scott Thomas fills your horror heart with coming of age, psychological, emotional trauma, tragedy, and dynamic characters There s a plethora of twists and turns along the way When you think you know what is really going on, Thomas pulls the rug out from under your feet The reveals are the fun part because you get to experience them with Kris And that ending will send you reeling You won t see it coming None of you will The cover is splendid I don t know who the creator is, but I do know it catches the eye It sets the tone for the reading experience You ll want to notch out a nice chunk of time to read this one You don t just read Violet, you experience it Violet is simply one of the best books of the 2010s Violet is definitely my favorite book of 2019, so far It s in my top ten for sure If you haven t put this one on your TBR piles, then remedy that immediately You re going to want to read this one If you have this one on your TBR piles, I suggest you move it to the top Overall, you can t ask for a better book or a better reading experience I can t wait until his next release I may have to re read Kill Creek now that I think about it Violet gets all the stars Helluva book HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION

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    This book I should have researched it Specifically, I should have double checked the page count Because in paperback form it s erroneously listed as 300 on GR In Kindle form it is correctly listed at 446 And I only really had 300 pages worth of interest in it Which, frankly, should be than enough to tell a story Especially a story that isn t all that elaborate or original A story about a 41 year old newly widowed woman who takes her 8 year old daughter back to her childhood s vacation cabin only to discover that something evil lurks around and it s been hungrily awaiting her return Creepy dying small towns, disappearing kids, evil presences, hunky sheriff, weird locals all been done And the author doesn t really improve on it so much as he overwrites it Which it to say, boy, does this book need slimming down It s dangerously fat American fat It can barely move It barely does It s so slow, it might be standing still or even sliding backwards Yes, I understand that this isn t meant to be a whambam thank you m am guts and gore driven sort of thing, the frights here are literary and I very much appreciate the fact, but the stylistically languid pacing almost never lets the action to elevate itself above general tepidness The thing that stood out at first was author s overfondness for metaphors and later, and possibly just because I became accustomed to that quirk, the narrative dragged at every given moment Every single action no matter how irrelevant was described in the tediously minute detail It really did read like the man was getting paid by the word So many unnecessary words Sure, one needs to take the time to create an appropriately dark and eerie atmosphere for the characters to get mired in and one needs to take the time to develop the characters for the reader to care about, but it shouldn t be done quite this leisurely This took forever To be fair I am generally against overly long books and I value succinctness of storytelling greatly, but some stories deserve and merit extra pages and that s ok, because usually they make up for it with world building, originality, spectacular writing something But this wasn t the case here, this book just dragged because it was bloated And as such it made for a tediously slow, laborious read and the general impression was that of being underwhelmed Mind you, it isn t by any means a terrible book, it s competently plotted, decently written, literary.but it is a heavy slog and personally I didn t find it to be worth the time it took to wade through In fact, pretty sure this might have been an exciting dynamic 300 page story stretched out without mercy or need over 446 ages Thanks Netgalley.

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    I received a free e ARC through NetGalley from the publishers at Inkshares Trigger warnings death, death of a child parent spouse, suicide, animal death graphic on page , car accident, drowning, severe illness, severe injury, cancer, gore, body horror, bug horror, trauma, guns, mental illness, depression, blood.Shortly after Kris Barlow s husband is killed in a gruesome car accident, she and her daughter, Sadie, flee to her childhood lake house in the small town of Pacington She s convinced the lake house will be a fresh start and a chance to escape the pitying looks of friends and family, but Kris s own happy memories there are overshadowed by her mother s traumatic death from cancer Things are not as she remembers them in Pacington The house has fallen into disrepair, and missing children and mysterious deaths haunt the town When Sadie begins pulling away, talking to herself and disappearing for hours into the old storage room Kris used as a playroom, it stirs memories of an old childhood friend one who may still be waiting for Kris to return.There s no reason in the world this book should be almost five hundred pages There s not a trace of the spooky or the supernatural for the entire first half and, instead, we re treated to numerous scenes of Kris s cleaning and pointless, over indulgent descriptions and labored metaphors of the property and the lake house, down to the last blade of grass If Thomas was trying to paint a picture, he needn t have tried so hard, since there s absolutely nothing extraordinary about the lake house, the town, or the people who live there It s clear the editor needed to take a firmer hand If it s not relevant to the character or plot development, we don t need a description of it.You would think a novel with so much imagery would be atmospheric, but instead it s just dull There s no sense of menace from the house, except for the fact that it should probably be condemned, and the characters are equally flat I m tired of male authors who think they can write plausible mother daughter relationships Kris and Sadie s constantly rang hollow for me, and they re basically cardboard cutouts of every mother daughter pair in any thriller ever Kris is self absorbed and abusing her medications while she slowly loses her grip on reality, and Sadie s voice is gratingly simplistic Per every other thriller, she doesn t start fighting for her daughter until it s almost too late, which is as baffling here as it is in every other novel I m pretty sure I have protective instincts for a complete stranger than these fictional mothers have for their own children, no matter what crisis is happening especially when a crisis is happening.Which is all really a shame because this might have been an interesting story without all the distractions Thanks to the over writing, every plot reveal is painfully obvious, but the horror is compelling when it finally kicks in The bones of the story, which links the power of grief with imaginary friends, is a good one, and I wish we d gotten of it Instead, it goes from zero to eighty as the moment Kris realizes what s happening, she and Sadie are suddenly in mortal danger The ending is entertaining enough, but there was probably a better way to tell this story.I review regularly at

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    I received an ARC of this novel via NetGalley and Inkshares in exchange for an honest review When Kris Barlow s husband is killed in a car accident, an image of the summer cottage where she spent her childhood emerges in her minda place that suddenly feels like homea place to heal The summer cottage on lost lake was a place where 10 year old Krissy was able to say goodbye to her dying mother Now, almost three decades later, Kris returns with her daughter Sadie to the remote town of Pacington, Kansaswhere an old friend has been waiting for her return.Thank you Inkshares Violet, is a fantastic new novel by the author of Kill Creek which I LOVED The author takes a slightly different approach with this novel, delivering a mystery psychological thriller based horror The town itself has a rather dark history with both its creation and the tragic events that occur afterwards This historical backstory immediately adds both a sinister and magical element to the novel s setting Kris has experienced several traumas throughout her life, which combined with her coping mechanisms, play a major role in the psychological suspense felt throughout the book Sadie, Kris s daughter, also increases the creepy factor as the plot progressesbecause let s face it kids say and do creepy stuff even without an evil presence There are some disturbing, eerie, and even goose bump for me elements throughout but the novel itself isn t overly horrific This is a character driven story as Kris continually grapples with her past memories which cross over into present events and kind of unhinge her mental stability even further This was another fantastic read by this emerging horror novelist who will definitely be going on my watch list for future reads.I also want to add that I really enjoyed reading the introduction, A Whisper , by the publisher of Inkshares As a lover of the horror genre, I found it to be both an informative and interesting look at the genre s history and future I hope that they will consider including it in the published novel as well.

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    I read the author s 2017 debut novel KILL CREEK the day before I read his upcoming horror novel VIOLET Both are literate horror, set in Kansas, in economically deprived locales Both center on a house, in both cases long abandoned and uninhabited by the living The setting in VIOLET is a lake house on a bluff near Lost Lake in Southeastern Kansas When Colorado veterinarian Kate s husband dies in a horrible auto accident, she and eight year old daughter Sadie travel to the lake house of Kate s childhood, inherited from her late father Her last summer there was tragic, as her mother died from cancer, so already there are parallels to the current situation and little Sadie s silent grief But Pacington, the tiny community near Lost Lake, suffers from its own griefs Several families have suffered unspeakable, inexplicable tragedies As Kate will eventually discover, the explanations of accident or roving child predator are far too facile and too far from the Truth The answer is Supernatural.As with KILL CREEK, VIOLET was a one day, non stop read for me.

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    Let me say first that I have been looking forward to Scott Thomas s next book since the moment I finished reading his first book, Kill Creek In the meantime, I began to worry if Violet would live up to what I wanted it to be So while I was so excited when I was approved by NetGalley to read this, I was nervous What if Scott Thomas had a sopho slump What if he s a one hit wonder Turns out, I had nothing to worry about Violet, and Scott Thomas, exceeded my huge expectations Violet is an achievement The tension is set from the very first page The first, probably, half of the book is ALL foreboding and anxiety inducing set up After all, you know that there s this imaginary friend ghost that s going to show up and you re just waiting for it to happen Violet is like the shark from Jaws, you don t meet her until well into the story but you can FEEL her presence over the entire plot She s there, in the darkness, watching, waiting, wanting to play When she does show up, she SHOWS THE HELL UP I could not put Violet down for the last half of the book She sunk her hooks in and I needed to know all about her I needed to hear her song until the end of the epilogue.This book is better than Kill Creek and Kill Creek was my book of the year when it came out You need to read this brilliant, scary, beautiful book Get it in your brain.

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