HONOR THY FATHER AND THY MOTHER Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother Is A Tragic Novel The Main Character Is A Little Boy The Reader Learns To Understand Richard By Listening To His Thoughts We Read His Mind As He Tries To Make Sense Of Those Around Him We Follow Richard S Thoughts From Ages Five To Thirteen As He Translates The People, The Circumstances, And The Society Around Him The Reader Will Walk Through A Tragedy Of Personal, Religious And Social Confusion Any One Who Reads This Book Will Be Left With Some Very Difficult Impressions And Many Shocking Images That Will Never Go Away.


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    Honor Thy Farther and Thy MotherBook ReviewBy Richard E NobleThis is the most serious book that I have written It is one of those cathartic books that all writers feel that they must write to square themselves with their consciences Most writers have made a bargain with the god of truth There are books that we all feel that we must write or our lives will have been lost in the small print.I wasn t going to publish this book because I felt it was too personal and because of the Mommy Dearest or Daddy Dearest implications But then my wife read it She read it and felt that it may be the best thing that I had ever written She felt it to be objective and gave her insights into other lives that she had never gotten from her personal experiences or from anything else that she had ever read She particularly liked the style of the book When I told her that I had no intention of publishing it, she was upset You finally write a book that I think is great and you are not going to publish it What is it with you In any case, at her insistence, we began editing We had som...

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