Wildfire A Portrait Of A Catastrophic Forest Fire In New Mexico S Samrio National Forest, Where A Prolonged Drought, The Homes That Fringe The Forest, Campers, And Two Escaped Convicts Are The Ingredients For Disaster

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    I thought this book would teach me about a side of firefighting I m not as familiar with wildland firefighting However, the writing wasn t incredibly clear and the plot was far from believable at several points.

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    RDC M V1 1986, 10 88 Another disaster story, this one a fire in a national forest Okay.

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    This was a good read and I would recommend it to someone interested in it but not a rave review or must read Not a thriller or real suspenseful although there are parts that hold your attention.

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    No rain has fallen for six weeks and to Ranger JL Harmon the Sanno National Forest is a firetrap that could endanger all the tourist trying to enjoy its beauty Then lightening strikes.

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