A People's History of England

A People's History of England A Complete Social And Political History Of England Originally Published In 1938 Many Of The Earliest Books, Particularly Those Dating Back To The 1900s And Before, Are Now Extremely Scarce And Increasingly Expensive Obscure Press Are Republishing These Classic Works In Affordable, High Quality, Modern Editions, Using The Original Text And Artwork.Contents Include Tribes And Legions The Growth Of Feudalism Feudal England, The Decline Of Feudalism The End Of The Middle Ages The New Monarchy And The Bourgeoisie Origin Of The English Revolution The English Revolution Commonwealth And Compromise Whig England The Industrial Revolution The Triumph Of Industrial Capitalism Liberal Ascendancy The Organisation Of The Working Class Colonial Expansion Origins Of The World War World War World Crisis Note About Books Index.

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    Howard Zinn wasn t first This People s History was written in the thirties and was, for me, actually interesting that Zinn s book, probably because there was so much in it that was new to me, especially as regards the English Revolution, a topic b...

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    Excellent over view of the history of the nation from 6,000 b.c to the First World War Clear prose style a tremendous achievement.

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    I ve been living in England since September of 2014, and arrived with only the most rudimentary sense of what England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom were all about I mostly knew of Britain through a history of it s imperial rule in other lands, and completely ignored references to what was happening internally, particularly in relation to the dull and what I assumed to be rather irrelevant list of kings and queens.Taking on Moron s book was a dive into the deep end of the pool, as this is a challenging text likely written for an audience that was looking for a fresh analysis of an already understood narrative, whil I approached it for the most part entirely ignorant of English history, conventionally written or not I m glad I made it through to the end, and also glad I maintained the pace I did, which was extremely slow and deliberate, and often supplemented by online lectures about the period in question found on You Tube and listened to as I fell asleep England ...

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    Introduced to this text as British History major by my rather Marxist professor, this reviewer approached it cautiously and learned to admire it A.L.Morton s classic departs from the typical version of history relaying events based on which white man is ruling...

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    Amazing book

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    A little tedious at times, but an invaluable read.

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    As Morton himself states In spite of its title, this book is not so much a History of England as an essay in historical interpretation Whilst much in the way of detail is absent, Morton implements historical materialism in ...

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    This book has made me interested in parts of the history of my own country that I was never interested before Morton was a Marxist and his description of the economics development of England was both new and incredibly useful and interesting for me.

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    the original intentional people s history in the west, probably very much a centralizing narrative, told from the perspective of leftist class analysis.

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