U.S. News Coverage of Racial Minorities: A Sourcebook, 1934-1996

U.S. News Coverage of Racial Minorities: A Sourcebook, 1934-1996 PDF Epub U.S News Coverage Of Racial Minorities A Sourcebook, 1934 1996 Author Beverly Deepe Keever Federicoscridel.eu This One Volume Sourcebook Draws Together The Scholarly Literature Assessing News Coverage In The U.S Mainstream Media Of Americans Of African, Native, Asian, Hispanic, Or Pacific Islander Origin The Work Covers Over 60 Years, Beginning In 1934, And Examines The 50 States And The Territories In The Pacific And The Caribbean That Are Currently Under U.S Governance The Categories Of Racial And Cultural Groups Follow The Scheme Of The 1990 U.S Census, Which Provided The Most Detailed Breakdown Of Race And Ethnicity Of The American Population In The 200 Year History Of The Census.This Sourcebook Gives Parallel Treatment To Each Of These Five Census Groups Every Chapter Begins With A History Of That Group As It Came Under U.S Jurisdiction Then, Each Chapter Is Divided Into Six Periods Suggested By Pivotal News Events And Discusses Studies Of News Coverage Of That Group During That Period Each Chapter Also Contains Extensive Endnotes And A Selected Bibliography On A Racial Or Cultural Group Also Included Are Chapters On Investigative Reporting And Federal Regulation Of Broadcasting As They Relate To Minorities.

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