The Crazy Horse Surrender Ledger

The Crazy Horse Surrender Ledger This Book Reproduces An Old Ledger Book From The Society S Collections, Recording A Census Of Native Americans Detained At Red Cloud Agency, Near Camp Robinson Later, Fort Robinson, Nebraska In 1877 The Ledger Contains The Army S Administrative And Statistical Record Of The Detained Sioux, Cheyenne, And Arapaho Indians, Including Crazy Horse S Band Of Oglala The Listing Is The Most Expansive Seen To Date Of Indian Veterans Of The Battle At Little Bighorn And The Sioux War Of 1876 77.

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    This is an amazing item of source material There is a large amount of historical material on the United States Army during the Plains Indian Wars but not that much on the Indians themselves This book helps correct some of that The vast majority of the book is photocopies of the actual surrender ledgers from the Red Cloud Agency near Fort Robinson What makes these ledgers particularly interesting and valuable is the listings of many participants from the Battle of the Little Bighorn Of course, and most interesting of all, is the listing for Crazy Horse himself.In the months following Custer s defeat the Lakota and Cheyenne were under increasing pressure from the Army They largely either left the United States territories to head to Canada or they eventually surrendered This book contains copies of the original ledger that the Army kept at Fort Robinson as the natives arrived The original documents are with the Nebraska ...

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