The Shell Game

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    As a former coxswain I have read this book at least once a year for the past 10 years Unless you are a rower, youre not going to understand the dedication, the mentality and the way of life that is rowing, but by reading this book you can sure catch a glimpse I miss it with all my heart and find myself at WSRC at least once every few months, jealously watching up and coming rowers glide on the water, effortlessly, moving the...

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    A book that every rower should read, or anyone interested in the pursuit of excellence

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    This book tells the tale of an olympic athlete who starts out as a scrawny high schooler who is unable to compete in athletics Steve matures in college at an Ivy league school and discovers competitive rowing i...

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    Excellent book about rowing and life.

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    Never got to row in college but wondered what it was like This tells it.

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    A good book that takes you into the mind of a rower If you re a rower or curious about the sport this is a great book to start your reading search.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here It was interesting to read about Yale after reading so much Harvard Red Rose Crew, The Challenge I LOVED how Kiesling kept coming back to and kept describing in different ways the pure joy of motion I really relate to that and loved the way he wrote about it not for the writing, really, but just for the content The whole book completely change...

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    I first read this book after my first year as a rower, but now I m re intrigued as the author is the guy who founded my favorite fruity rooty magazine, Spirituality Health.I have no idea if I liked this book simp...

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    Kiesling wrote this book not long after his rowing career was finished It is an excellent look into the world of non revenue producing sport I m a guy who traveled the USA as a flat broke racing cyclist at the same time Kiesling was rowing SK did a great job of ...

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    I read this back when it first appeared and loved it I ve never rowed, though I have seen crew races at New Haven, back in my Lost Youth Shell Game is a fine meditation on not just crew and its social world, but on losing oneself in a goal, in abandoning the external world and focu...

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