Dark Star

Dark Star A Small Island In The Hebrides, Its Gaelic People And Its Tich Local Lore Serve As The Background For This Story Of A Young Woman S Struggle To Protect Her Son And Maintain Her Sanity Judith Mullaine Has Come With Her Son Paul To The Island Of Cathair Mor After A Dreadful Incident With Her Husband Lewis, A Brilliant And Renowned Pianist, Tried To Kill Her In Order To Gain Custody Of Their Son And To Expose Paul To A Worldly Life He Himself Never Knew As A Child.

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    3 1 2 I can t believe I got allllll the way to the end And then it Stops Could she not have written ONE MORE PARAGRAPH Then I could have happily given this book four stars, because I would have been satisfied But, as you see I wasn t and I didn t sigh The suspense was good, I had than enough cliffs, fog and fanatical lunitics There were even moments when I questioned t...

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    This offering, set on the small, rugged Hebridean island of Cathair Mor, introduces us to Judith, the wife of the brilliant pianist Lewis Mulliane Judith has fled to Cathair Mor with her seven year old son after her attempted murder by her husband Judith is frightened and confused and is searching for answers as to why Lewis would do such a thing to her Lewis is now on the run, and the police have no idea where he is hiding, but everyone feels sure that he won t attempt to return to this island, where he is the Laird The Mullaine But Judith isn t so sure She sees lights out on the outlying island, Cathair Beag She hears the sounds of bigpipes playing Lewis tune, The Red Man Someone is clearly out to destroy Judith s peace of mind and sanity, but no one will believe her.Maybury s very atmospheric and highly descriptive novel place the reader ...

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    So all in all this was a good read, a strong 3 stars.It takes place on a small island, Cathair Mor near Mull in Scotland, where a woman is told to stay put while the police search for her husband who had attacked her and left her for dead Its thought that he would never return to his birthplace and that Cathair Mor would be the safest place for Judith and her son Paul to hide.But when strange things keep happening Judith starts questioning her own sanity and is also left to wonder whether she is really alone afterallAnne Maybury is fantastic at describing a setting almost as good as Janet Caird which is saying something Cathair Mor feels REAL and the people well described But the book didn t GRIP me I could put it down without thinking the characters might go and do something without me There s suspense but its...

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    A good book that is about a wife whose husband wants her gone from his life so he cut her She goes to an island in Scotland with her seven year old son to escape him.

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