First and Last (Penguin 60s)

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    Two short stories, although I gather the second is an excerpt, published as a Penguin 60.The first, Mastery Misery is a story of dreams sold by the main character set up in New York seeking her fortune, who finds better money in selling dreams than working for a living somewhat of a fantasy horror story hold onto your dreams kidsThe second, La Cote Basque is a fragmentary story of celebrities and gossip in a high end restaurant some told, some overhead, and all accompanied by Cristal Names of real people are included, which I guess is the scandal is it biographical or just slanderous Published after the death of the author.Well written, in two very different styles, an...

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    Truman Capote registers in my literary consciousness as one of the first writers of sensationally successful non fiction IN COLD BLOOD , strengthened by the biopic with Philip Seymour Hoffman These two shorter fictional prose pieces are therefore interesting In the first from early in his career he tells of a young woman who like thousands before and after came to The Big Apple in search of her fortune Her attempt is not particularly successful and she starts selling her dreams to an unusual buyer, who is never introduced directly to the reader A brief fantasy, essentially, warning one not to let go of one s dreams The second piece is from an unfinished novel, called scandalous in the blurb The narrator and Lady Ina lunch in a famous restaurant, encircled by celebrities They share gossip and overhear s...

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    The first piece here, Master Misery , is a dark little fantasy story about a man who buys dreams It wouldn t be out of place today in McSweeney s or PostScripts, but it didn t really have any surprises or anything particularly profound to say.The second piece, La Cote Basque is an extract from an unfinished novel, published years after Capote s death It s a series of scandalous tales about real people Joe Kennedy, Princess Margaret, Jackie Kennedy and so on from the 1960s told by ladies sitting in a restaurant It s interesting gossip, but a dull story.In the week that Prince Harry has been reported as saying to a black comedian, You don t sound like a black chap , it was interesting to read Capote s words on the British...

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    So I ve started collecting these mini penguins the 60s, 70s and pocket modern classics They are perfect for reading on the back of my motorbike ride to work, giving me up to an extra 9 hours reading time a week weather permitting Only 2 short stories in this little book I really liked the first, Mastery Misery , well written and eerily disconcerting A tale of loneliness, fear and lost or rather sold dreams.The second piece, La Cote Basque however, was just a collec...

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    The first story, Master Misery is the old selling soul to devil tale, although this time it s dreams for cash Well written, but I ve read so many versions of this before it felt done.Second story, La Cote Basque was much better...

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    I preferred the first story to the last The first one is the story of a girl who sells her dreams The last story is interesting in parts, but loses your focus in others Quick read, I finished it in a little over an hour.

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    Truman Capote Master Misery La Cote Basque

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    3 stars for the the first story Master Misery , a twilight zonish tale of the perils of dream peddlers of the 40s I suppose I m not sure of the decade 5 stars for his salacious unfinished last novel, La Cote Basque

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    Always love his writing Always.

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