Between The Lines

Between The Lines Have You Ever Wondered What People Are Thinking Or Feeling About You Or What You Are Actually Saying In The Midst Of A Conversation Between The Lines Is An Extraordinary Account, As Well As A Practical And Pioneering Method, For Recognizing, Uncovering, And Explaining Hidden Meaning In Everyday Conversation Haskell, An Expert In Unconscious Meaning, Shows How Our Mind Uses Feelings, Sounds, And Language To Simultaneously Hide And Reveal What We Secretly Think And Feel During Conversation His Intriguing Book Is Filled With Episodes From Everyday Life That Reveal Our True Feelings And Concerns About Friends, Family, Co Workers, And Others That Are Often Suppressed In Social Situations.Between The Lines Is Required For Anyone Who Needs To Uncover What People Are Truly Thinking And Feeling It Is A Book For People Who Not Only Want To See How Language And The Unconscious Mind Work But Also To Achieve Their Goals Through A Better Understanding Of What Is Being Said During Conversation.

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