The Planet Gods: Myths and Facts About the Solar System

[PDF / Epub] ✎ The Planet Gods: Myths and Facts About the Solar System ☂ Jacqueline Mitton –
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • The Planet Gods: Myths and Facts About the Solar System
  • Jacqueline Mitton
  • English
  • 24 March 2019
  • 9781426304484

The Planet Gods: Myths and Facts About the Solar SystemWith The Addition Of Ceres And Eris To Our Solar System, Every Library, School, And Space Gazing, Mythology Loving Kid Needs An Updated Look At The Planets And The Gods They Represent The Planet Gods Is That Volume A New, Reliable Guide To The Exciting Recent Developments In The World Of Astronomy From The Experts Here On Planet Earth.Distinguished Astronomer And Writer Dr Jacqueline Mitton Takes Us On A Fascinating Tour Of The Planets Of Our Solar System, Taking Into Account All The Latest Reclassifications Of The Heavens A Lyrical, Poetic Text Explores The Features Of The Planets And Compares Them To The Gods Of Old Who Are Their Namesakes Though Many Of The Planets Were Named Long Before We Had Good Scientific Information About Them, Mitton Draws Readers Attention To Some Amazing Coincidences The Veiled Goddess Venus Lends Her Name To A Cloud Shrouded Planet The Blue, Stormy Planet Neptune Is Named For The God Of The Sea The Planet Gods Brings Together For The First Time The Myths And Truths Of Space Science Christina Balit S Sparkling Magical Illustrations, Highlighted With Metallic Ink, Make This A Fantastic Gift Book, Which Will Enthrall Children Of All Ages.

10 thoughts on “The Planet Gods: Myths and Facts About the Solar System

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    Awful, we did not care for this book at all Read for CC1 wk3 Roman gods.

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    Gorgeous illustrations with short stories and histories of the planets The stories are a little too short for my liking but are excellent for kiddos A beautiful introductory book.

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    The Sun, the Moon, the eight planets in our solar system, as well as three dwarf planets, including Pluto, are discussed in this non fiction book Accompanied by vibrant illustrations, this book covers how names were chosen for these celestial bodies, facts and attributes of each, and the characteristics they share with their Greek Roman namesakes.Published by National Geographic, this beautifully illustrated book devotes a two page spread to each celestial body This book differs from many non fiction books about the solar system in that the writing focuses on evocative images that helps the reader paint a picture of the planet and the god goddess in their minds eye, while at the same time presenting important factual information Text is printed on a white background in contrast to the energetic colors of Balit s illustrations...

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    I bought two copies of this book, one for my kid and one for my kid s school library I sort of want a third to cut out pages and frame them because the art is amazing Tattoo worthy illustrations with added shiny foil The pages contain mythology and scien...

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    This book is mythology for our times stories about the planets, with scientific information told in an engaging way, as well as stories of the past the namesakes of the planets and how they were perceived by the ancients Lovely illustrations cover each page, an...

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    This is a beautiful book I bought it in Barcelona and, although it really doesn t have any affiliation with Spain, the bright colours and beautiful designs make this the perfect souvenir of my holiday.

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    This is a good book for kids who are interested in the solar system and mythology The colors are great, the illustrations engaging, the synopses of the myths are within the grasp of even young children without being boring for grown ups I liked it for my three year old.

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