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The Happy Ever After Playlist From The USA Today Bestselling Author Of The Friend Zone Comes An Adorable And Fresh Romantic Comedy About One Trouble Making Dog Who Brings Together Two Perfect StrangersTwo Years After Losing Her Fianc , Sloan Monroe Still Can T Seem To Get Her Life Back On Track But One Trouble Making Pup With A Take Me Home Look In His Eyes Is About To Change Everything With Her New Pet By Her Side, Sloan Finally Starts To Feel Like Herself Then, After Weeks Of Unanswered Texts, Tucker S Owner Reaches Out He S A Musician On Tour In Australia And Bottom Line He Wants Tucker BackWell, Sloan S Not About To Give Up Her Dog Without A Fight But What If This Jason Guy Really Loves Tucker As Their Flirty Texts Turn Into Long Calls, Sloan Can T Deny A Connection Jason Is Hot And Nice And Funny There S No Telling What Could Happen When They Meet In Person The Question Is With His Music Career On The Rise, How Long Will Jason Really Stick Around And Is It Possible For Sloan To Survive Another Heartbreak

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  • 13 February 2018

About the Author: Abby Jimenez

Abby Jimenez is a Food Network winner and USA Today best selling author with her hit debut novel The Friend Zone She founded Nadia Cakes out of her home kitchen back in 2007 The bakery has since gone on to win numerous Food Network competitions and has amassed an international cult following Abby s wry literary wit was spotlighted as the admin behind the hilarious viral comments on the now

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    Hello readers This book is very close to my heart The Happy Ever After Playlist was actually the first book I ever wrote and the book that got me my literary agent While we were shopping it to publishers, I had the idea to go back in time and write The Friend Zone so we could live through the events that made Sloan who she is in her story Since The Friend Zone came first on the timeline, we led with that as my debut novel Obviously because Sloan s book was already written, certain ahem THINGS in The Friend Zone had to happen because they already did They happened before I ever wrote one word of Kristen and Josh s love story The big thing in The Friend Zone wasn t done to facilitate Kristen and Josh s HEA or to add drama It was done because doing it was the whole purpose of writing The Friend Zone in the first place On the chance that you re here reading this and you somehow haven t read The Friend Zone or the blurb on this book, I ll sidestep the actual spoiler Then I ll tell you to stop what you re doing and go read The Friend Zone before you touch this one Both books are standalone novels, but The Friend Zone will give The Happy Ever After Playlist so much depth.Sloan s grief will feel authentic because it is I wrote The Happy Ever After Playlist after watching a very close friend struggle following the sudden death of her husband It wasn t until a beta reader told me I did a good job with the complicated grief that I realized what I d written had a name It was based on my own observations and attempts to help a friend trapped in a cycle of sadness that she couldn t seem to escape from I encourage you to read the Author s Note at the end Actually, I encourage you to read the Author s Note at the end of The Friend Zone too Both books are based loosely on real events The infertility struggle in The Friend Zone is, from start to finish, my best friend s real life experience with severe uterine fibroids One quick note The songs at the start of each chapter were meticulously selected for tone, title, and lyrics Listening to them before each chapter really enhances the reading experience There s a Spotify and Apple Music playlist for the book for easy listening.I hope you love this read It s been a long time coming and I can t wait to share Jason and Sloan with the world.

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    It s been nearly two years since Sloan s fianc was killed and she has spent the whole time grieving, a shell of her vivacious, creative former self She hasn t cooked, she hasn t painted creatively, and she barely sees anyone, including her best friends, Kristen and Josh But she can t fathom moving on with her life since the moment it changed so drastically.One day, on her way to visit Brandon s grave, she sees a golden blur rush out into the street She slams on her brakes, hoping against hope that she didn t run over a dog Not only didn t she run it over, but it jumped into her car through her sun roof, and snuggled up to her, giving her a take me home look She tries reaching the dog s owner, leaving message after message, and then she figures that the best thing she can do is care for him until or if she hears from the owner.Suddenly, having the dog around gives Sloan a purpose She s actually leaving the house every day, going for walks, and feeling a little bit better about things After two weeks, she finally hears from Tucker s owner, a musician who has been out of touch while on tour in Australia Jason is grateful to Sloan for rescuing his dog, but he definitely wants him back, so Sloan agrees to watch Tucker until Jason returns to the U.S., provided Sloan keeps him updated as to how Tucker is doing.Their conversations via text get flirtier and flirtier, and then turn into long phone calls Sloan can t deny that Jason is awakening feelings in her that have been dormant since Brandon died But is she ready to date again, to chance making herself vulnerable once For his part, Jason is intrigued by Sloan than he has been by a woman in some time But with his music career on the rise, is there room for what could become he hopes a serious relationship When they finally meet in person, their attraction is immediate and their connection is intense Jason neglected to mention, however, that he s not just a musician he s Jaxon Waters, a musician on the verge of fame, whose songs Sloan already loves The couple tries to navigate the demands of his growing fame, Sloan s uncertainty if she s actually ready for intimacy again, and what the future potential for their relationship actually is, given Jason is about to embark on a world tour for than a year He d never met the best version of me, and for some reason he still seemed to want to be here I was a ghost, wandering the rooms of a museum of the person I used to be, and Jason was like one of the living who could somehow see me and decided to wander the place with me I liked that he was willing to wander the place with me As their relationship intensifies, they have to decide whether Sloan should go on tour with Jason, which means abandoning her family, friends, and art, and possibly dealing with an unstable musician who has feelings for Jason But if she doesn t go with him, what does that mean for their future Can they have a life together if they re always on the road, or will they ultimately resent each other Is their best solution saying goodbye, no matter how much it will hurt Abby Jimenez is an amazing storyteller As she did in her first book, The Friend Zone , which made my list of the best books I read in 2019, she takes a plot with familiar elements and layers it with emotional complexity, and populates her story with fresh and flawed characters you want to root for This book made me laugh, made me smile, and, I ll admit, made me cry in my office when I was finishing the book during my lunch.I can t tell you how much I enjoy Jimenez s books and the immense amount of heart she imbues them with Both The Happy Ever After Playlist and The Friend Zone would make terrific movies and yes, this one comes with its own playlist, as the title promises Don t discount these books simply as chick lit these are well written books which make fantastic reads.The author and Forever provided me a complimentary advance copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review Thanks for making it available The Happy Ever After Playlist publishes April 14, 2020 Check out my list of the best books I read in 2019 at Check out my list of the best books of the decade at all of my reviews at me on Instagram at

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    Abby Jimenez has done it again She continues to amaze me by writing the most wonderfully relatable characters and stories that are not only heartfelt and emotional, but also laugh out loud hilarious After reading The Friend Zone which is one of my top reads ever I could not wait to get back to this world The Happy Ever After Playlist can definitely be read as a standalone, but it would probably be best enjoyed after reading The Friend Zone, since characters from that book appear and that is where our heroine, Sloan, was originally introduced.One of my favorite things about Abby Jimenez s writing is her phenomenal dialogue and banter It is brilliantly witty and so perfectly placed to bring levity to the difficult scenes and moments Not every author can grab your heart in a vise one moment and then have you gasping for breath from laughing so hard the next, but Jimenez does it with ease I don t want to be too spoilery, but The Happy Ever After Playlist starts off with one of the most epic meet cutes It sets in motion a story that will have you swooning, laughing, shedding a few tears, and will leave you with a huge smile on your face.A fun feature of the book is that each chapter lists a song to set the tone and mood for what s to come It really enhanced the emotions and experience for me and certain songs will forever be tied to those moments now You can find the full book playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. I really enjoyed getting to know this new cast of characters, but also seeing some old favorites as well Fans of The Friend Zone will love catching up with Josh and Kristen Gah I love them so much and new readers will get to experience the magic that is uniquely Kristen One character that stole the show every time he was on the page though was Tucker Honestly, if you aren t in love with him by the end, I m pretty sure you re a monster.The Happy Ever After Playlist is than a romance It s a story about choosing happiness and being true to yourself Even if you haven t read The Friend Zone Seriously, if you haven t, WHY Do it It s amazing you will still love Sloan s emotional and heartwarming story My heart is so incredibly full after finishing this book I voluntarily read an advance review copy of this book So excited 2020 can t come soon enough

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    I m so happy right now because I have to admit, I have so many second thoughts before requesting this book to review I can hear you ask me Why the hell you requested and stole other romance lovers chances, you Okay, don t fill the blanks and I hope you didn t get angry to me But I have a good reason This is the second book of Abby Jimenez and I had so much trouble to like the first one I didn t any problem about the witty, sarcastic writing but also angtsy, heart wrenching story progression I just hate Kirsten with all my heart And I felt so sorry for Josh to choose her And this second book is about Sloan We already met her as Kristen s bestie, so much likeable character, we ugly cried for her when she lost her fianc e That was the most soul crushing, traumatic part of the first book and indie rocker Jaxon Waters that s his stage name, just call him Jason Thankfully I loved both of the characters And I adored Tucker, the dog that brought them together when Jason was in Australia for concerts and movie soundtrack installment Cute Tucker literally jumps into Sloan s car at the anniversary of her fianc s death Sloan thinks this might be a sign and her death fianc e sent the dog to rescue her from asocial, restricted life Sloan reaches at Jason and they talk and text on the phone for two weeks nonstop before they meet in person And as soon as they meet, sparks start to fly around Especially Jason is so sure he finally found the one This beginning was sweet, entertaining, swoony but that insta love parts were a little flimsy for me But when we get in the middle and Sloan involves Jason s over consuming and challenging tour plan, it rocked my heart several times The story captivated my attention immediately And I was still happy because one of them didn t do something to give me a reason for hating them At least till the last quarter, everything was better Especially the parts Sloan s car is vandalized, tires are slashed and all the arrows showed the crazy ex singer girlfriend Lola who is soul twin of Britney Spears, I loved Sloan s determination and I felt so sorry how she sacrificed herself for the well being of their relationship There is no sign of happy ending for the couple at least for ten years and she was still okay with it even though her heart was tarnished and broken, she hardly fought with her inner demons and still suffered from the grief, loss of her fianc e The angst and unnecessary melodramatic parts at the end made me angry and I want to punch Jason for several times but I gotta admit, he knows how to growl and suffer And let s not forget the coolest playlist that Abby Jimenez presented us at the beginning of each chapter and all those amazing songs serve so well with the chapter s contents So I cut only one star for the over exaggerated angst and heart tearing parts and foolishness, masochism of our still so much loveable Jason I m also giving five stars to playlist From Black Keys, Para, Billie Eilish , Artric Monkeys, there were my favorite artists and bands songs were on the list which made me cheered up So I m proudly giving four musical, tear jerking, cute, flirty stars And I m so happy this book s ending was also satisfying I cannot say the same for the first book, but this is promising and one of my favorite romance reads of this year So much special thanks to NetGalley and Forever Grand Central Publishing for sharing this poignant ARC in exchange my honest review.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    Abby Jimenez is one of my favorite authors hands down When I finished reading this book, I had to decide whether I loved The Friend Zone better than HEAP, and I think that Abby just keeps getting better and better Both these books are my top reads for 2019 and now for 2020 It has been two years since Brandon, Sloan s fianc e dies of a tragic motorcycle accident from a drunk driver, and Sloan is still grieving the loss Sloan has had no desire to do much of anything any and have lost her passion and have let her talents go to the wayside including taking care of herself In an interesting turn of events, she runs into a dog named Tucker and ends up getting to know the owner, Jason Jason ends up being half way across the world and in the meantime, Sloan ends up taking care of Tucker and that is when their friendship developed through text messages first then phone calls The way they met and how their friendship developed was absolutely brilliant The progression was as natural as it can get and that is where Abby s brilliance comes in nothing cringy and everything heart fluttering and swoon worthy The second part of the story line is when Sloan discovers that Jason is a rising musician who just signed an incredible record and tour around the world There will be plenty of romantic moments and equally as much of a challenging situation for a new couple navigating the recently found fame and popularity that will test their relationship and trust with each other Each chapter of the book lists a song that sets the mood for that chapter I found myself listening to the songs first before This book had me in all of my emotions It tugged my heart strings, I shed a few tears, and most of all I was left with the satisfaction of the couple I was rooting for from the very beginning I highly recommend this book and give it all the marvelous stars and .

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    4.5 starsI m happy to say that I LOVED The Happy Ever After Playlist The book was almost entirely divided into two entirely different tropes, a rom com and a rockstar romance.I LOVED THE ROM COM PART The first half of the book was AMAZING It had the most wonderful rom com feel, and I m not even a fan of that particular genre, but let me tell you, the author did a FABULOUS job Great flirty and funny banter, witty and smart dialogues the book had it all I was smiling throughout the entire first half True fact, there were actual sticky notes throughout the books, with comments from the other bloggers that have read it before me, and when I reached page 93 one said Have you stopped smiling yet I ve had a perma grin since page one I couldn t stop laughing, because that s exactly what I did until then, I smiled non stop.NOW ABOUT THE ROCKSTAR ROMANCE The second half was like a rockstar romance and I must be honest, rockstar romances always reach a point, especially when the couple goes on road, that NEVER works out for the lovers Unfortunately this became a rather predictable twist outcome which took some of the joy out of the book BUT even though it dragged and was predictable at times, the anguish and feelings were REAL This book is not just fluffy, it deals with real grief And the author did a excellent job bringing it to life on page.THE COUPLE WAS GOLD The connection between Jason and Sloan was fabulous from start to finish The way Jason supported Sloan throughout the entire book was just wonderful He never pressured her or made her feel bad for how she felt He was the most wonderful, patient and understanding hero Truly magnificent in every way Perfection Sloan was lovely, the opposite in many ways to her best friend Kristen from The Friend Zone She was shy at times, got flustered when Jason turned on the flirting, and oh how he loved to make her blush in a sweet way And their Meet Cute was one of the cutes I ever read about I could feel the heat between them, the moment when time stood still for a second or two It all was just so adorable.THE EPILOGUEThe way the author wrapped it all up was perfection She didn t just wrap up Sloan and Jason s story but also Kristen and Josh s and it felt like the two story came to a completion The two books are supposed to be read as a duet, since Sloan and Kristen s stories are so tightly connected All in all, very well done OVERALLThe first half was a definite 5 star for me, the second half slipped a little to a 4 star since it was just too predictable at times, but the epilogue wrapped it all up so beautiful that overall I really, really loved this book Received the advanced readers copy from a fellow Bookstagrammer, via a traveling book exchange

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    I know Abby Jimenez really made some of you angry with the direction that Sloane s life took, when we met her as Kristen s best friend, in book 1 The Friend Zone Another 5 book for me And even though, she promised to make things right in this bookyou just could NOT imagine how she could Well, let me tell youshe found the PERFECT wayand his name is Tucker Oh, and Tucker s dog daddy, Jason isn t bad either Even if he is a soon to be famous rock star Will he be the one or just the person to get Sloane through the in between time Just like with The Friend Zone you will want to scream at some of the characters in frustration, and you will both laugh and cry as you cheer Sloane on, in her quest to choose happiness Do read the author s note at the end of this book You may forgive Abby, when you doif you haven t already It explains Sloane s journey and just like with The Friend Zone , the author navigates another of life s challenges, in the form of a sexy, sweet romantic comedy I cannot wait to see what s next Thank You to NetGalley, Grand Central Publishing and Abby Jimenez for allowing me to read a digital ARC in exchange for a candid review This title will be released on April 14, 2020

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    Can t wait

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    If you read THE FRIEND ZONE, you know that Jimenez s writing is compulsively readable and nigh unputdownable So why I decided to pick it up at nine PM on a work night and stay up almost until midnight to finish and then write this review. well, it wasn t a decision, I just lived it I don t regret it now but we ll speak later as to how I feel in the morning.I can t quite decide if this was on par with THE FRIEND ZONE or if the former was a little better, but this was still a really fun read, with characters just zany enough for comic relief Kristen , supportive found family friends, swoony love, a heaping portion of emotions and feels, and a big time second chance at love not with the same guy, of course, but a second chance nonetheless.This is definitely going to be a hit.Full review to come on release I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review.

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    One word UNPUTDOWNABLE I read this book cover to cover over the course of 24 hours and loved every single minute of the experience Going back to real life and adulting will be a shock to my system Lolol The Happy Ever After Playlist was exactly what I needed at the moment Abby Jimenez shines in this charming and witty romance Don t get me wrong, it wasn t all hearts a flowers It was real and raw A visceral experience that had me questioning what if Real life problems, all the emotions, the best and not so great parts of the human experience are all encapsulated in this amazing read All the feels were felt Full review soon.

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