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The Half Sister From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Hello Sunshine Book Club Pick The Other Woman, Comes A Compelling New Domestic Suspense Novel About A Family Who Is Forever Changed When A Stranger Arrives At Their DoorE TRUTHSisters Kate And Lauren Meet For Sunday Lunch Every Week Without Fail, Especially After The Loss Of Their FatherE LIEBut A Knock At The Door Is About To Change Everything A Young Woman By The Name Of Jess Holds A Note With The Results Of A DNA Test, Claiming To Be Their Half SisterE UNTHINKABLEAs The Fallout Starts, It S Clear That They Are All Hiding Secrets, And Perhaps This Family Isn T As Perfect As It Appears

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    Nope This didn t work with me When I see something illogical and nonsense point which affects the entire story s development, I truly lose my interest That s exactly happened during my reading The story told by Kate and Lauren, two sisters, polar opposites, envying each other s lives Kate is successful reporter, climbing her career ladder faster, having a lovely husband Matt but she wants to have a baby, trying too hard, exhausted from IVF treatment process She wants to have a family And Lauren is married, with lovely children, exhausted to turn into a stay at home mom and dealing with mood swings, mental abuse of her husband Simon She wants a career, freedom and she misses her old love for 20 years Their Sunday family gathering with her mother Rose who was still grieving because of their father s sudden decease turned into bitter, cold, weird interactions Nobody can stand with each other And one day, a young woman named Jess knocks their door and demands to see her father Henry She tells them she is their half sister Yes, everything couldn t be get better, could be Later we found out Lauren brought Jess into their lives because she was always doubtful about her father s sincerity and thought he might have been having an affair behind their mother s back They found each other from DNA match side Yes THAT S THE PART THIS BOOK STARTED TO FAIL The idea of finding your sister by DNA match website didn t make sense to me the same so called sister has no idea about her biological past because she is adopted and as far as I know because of carrying XX chromosomes, for getting accurate result about DNA, you need mother s DNA Lauren also needed a confidante because she was estranged with her family members after her father s dying She wanted her family back Her intentions were sincere At least what she tells to herself which I don t buy But Jess has no intention to stop till she finds her biological mother and the facts about secret relationship with her father which will ruin everything in sisters lives and make them question everything they know about their own childhood as they see their entire family life consisted of lies and secrets I liked the intriguing pacing and moving chapters, fast building tension but there are things absolutely irritated me I m not genealogy expert but Lauren and Jess way of finding each other on DNA website didn t work with me.I couldn t connect with any of the characters and I couldn t relate with their pain, suffer and motives They were so annoying, flat, dull characters The ending was also twisty but a little foreseeable and mediocre Overall It was still fast pacing, quick and easy read I didn t get bored and but unlikable characterization and big plot holes of the story and predictable revelation disappointed me So I m giving 2.5 stars to round up to 3 This turned into I didn t love it but I didn t truly hate it Switzerland books I still enjoy the author s writing style and I loved her previous works But this one failed me just a little because she s great writer and I expected from her.Special thanks to NetGalley and Minotaur Books St Martin s Press for sharing this mysterious ARC in exchange my honest review.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    Unfortunately, this was my least favorite book of the author s to date When it comes down to it, the entire plot is tired, predictable, and less a mystery thriller and a family drama If you are new to the genre and are looking for a light, fast read, maybe give this one a try for yourself Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.

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    3.5 starsThis story may have you thinking TWICE about sending in a DNA sample to a genealogy company In ways than one JUST remember you cannot choose your family, and you could be opening a whole can of worms when you embark on this adventure Lauren has sent in a sample but she never expected half sister Jess, to show up at the family s Sunday dinner Full sister, Kate, an investigative reporter, and a Daddy s girl isn t buying into the claim, that Jess is making, because if true, it tarnishes the memory she has of her late father.Everyone hears a HALF TRUTH, and makes an ASSUMPTION, and you know what happens when you do that 2 2 does not equal 5 This is a LIGHT, domestic suspense book, but you know what It kept me engaged, I was not tempted to skim, and overall, despite it being a bit predictable, I was entertained Thank You to Netgalley, St Martin s Press and Sandie Jones for the digital ARC, received in exchange for a candid review This book will be available on June 16, 2020

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    The Half Sister wasn t a bad book by any means The story had great potential and was mostly compelling I enjoyed getting to know sisters, Kate and Lauren, who tell their tale through dual narratives Kate, especially, was feisty, congenial, and likable I personally wish the novel would have delved deeply into her storyit was the sole focus at the beginning, but then melted into the background and all but disappeared Jessica, the half sister, wasn t at all fleshed out, and Lauren, whom I believe was meant to be a sympathetic character, wasn t I also agree with a few other reviewers about the slow pacing The story gets dragged down in a beaucoup of needless information and unnecessary story lines It most certainly would have benefited from flashback chapters told from the girls father, Harry s, point of view I think that would have broken things up a bit, and made a compelling read The conclusion is mildly satisfying and ties everything up, but it ended quite abruptly Overall, this is a fairly average story Having read Sandie Jones earlier works, I honestly expected Many thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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    Once again Sandie Jones has come up with an entertaining story I truly enjoyed watching everything unfold and this ended up being a quick read for me However, even I can admit the story is kinda missing the wow factor The family dynamics was the strength of the novel rather than the mystery thriller suspense elements Sisters Kate and Lauren eat lunch together every Sunday along with their husbands, Lauren s kids, and their mom Kate and Lauren s father died about a year ago During one of these Sunday get togethers a woman named Jess shows up uninvited and claims she is Kate and Lauren s half sister Uh oh, the you know what has hit the fan Gotta stick around to see how this one is going to play out.I loved the complicated relationships in this one Parent child dynamics can be fascinating as was the case here I liked getting the backstory bit by bit so I got a better picture of why one sister maybe had a different relationship with a parent than the other sister And I also enjoyed seeing how Kate and Lauren reacted to the bombshell dropped by Jess I ve read the author s other two novels and in my opinion this book is similar in style to The First Mistake rather than The Other Woman This book is a solid fiction read but if you try to pigeonhole it into a specific genre like mystery or thriller, I think you will wind up being disappointed If you are a frequent reader of those genres like I am there really isn t much here that moves the needle in terms of being shocking or surprising However if you are just looking for something that you can sit back and relax with and forget everything going on in the real world for awhile, this is a good choice Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with an advance digital copy in exchange for an honest review

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    2.5 stars, rounded downThe Half Sister deals with family secrets and how so often we don t really know our parents or siblings Jess shows up on the doorstep announcing she is the third daughter of Henry Henry, deceased these past 10 months, is in no position to confirm or deny This book never engaged me The first half just crawled along, as Lauren and Kate disagreed about everything, especially this new arrival It finally picks up in the second half as everyone s lies real and of omission start to come out But I had figured out the big twist at the end well before it was revealed The characters didn t feel real For a smart woman, Kate seemed extraordinarily naive about her father And I didn t find Lauren sympathetic I couldn t believe that the sisters were so oblivious about each other s lives So, this one just didn t ring any bells for me My thanks to netgalley and St Martin s Press for an advance copy of this book.

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    Imagine getting a knock at the door during a family lunch and in that single moment after answering, your life is changed forever, in fact everyone in your family will never be the same On the other side of the door is a young woman looking for her father No big deal, right She has the wrong house, right No because she is looking for your Dad The man who recently passed away The man who was faithfully married to your mom, Rose, and father to two children, Lauren and Katie.Do you believe her Why now Sisters, Lauren and Katie, now have to decide even with DNA proof if Jess is really their sister or is the DNA wrong Could Jess have ulterior motives other than finding her Dad and siblings What if anything did their Mom know Sandie Jones book, The Half Sister, was mostly compelling but slow paced and gets bogged down in a lot of unnecessary storylines.It was a book with great potential but only mildly satisfying with an all too neat ending.I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley NetGalley TheHalfSister

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    I was so happy to receive a copy of The Half Sister by Sandie Jones and I drove straight in It was a fast read for me and I finished it in a few days I enjoyed the story and the twists that it threw up Not my favourite book by this author but still a fun, light read and I needed it.One Sunday afternoon Kate and Lauren are having their usual Sunday lunch with their mother who is recently widowed when there is a knock on the door A young woman called Jess is there and she claims to be their half sister From an online DNA site a match she has been matched to their late fathers side of the family Lauren is ready to welcome her with open arms but Kate, a self confessed daddy s girl, is not so sure She is a reporter and does some digging of her own and finds out that all is not what it seems to be with Jess and her own family Told in alternate chapters by each sister we uncover family secrets that could destroy everything that they have ever known Thanks to Macmillan Australia for my advanced copy of this book to read All opinions are my own and are in no way biased.

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    What would you do if you had a sibling you never knew existed Sisters Lauren and Kate are shocked when a much younger woman named Jess shows up on their mother s doorstep, claiming to be their half sister and the daughter of their late father Kate doesn t believe her father ever would ve had an affair, as she had a close bond with him Lauren wasn t as close to their father and is now open to getting to know their new half sister But Kate decides to look into who their supposed half sister truly is And she might not like what she discovers about the father she knew and loved The Half Sister is Sandie Jones latest domestic suspense mystery The premise of this story hooked me right away and it had so much potential Unfortunately it fell a little flat Some of the plot points seemed very far fetched and the ending wrapped up too quickly, too conveniently A good read, but not a new favorite by this author 3.5 5 stars Thank you to NetGalley, Minotaur Books and Sandie Jones for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Imagine someone showing up on your door years later claiming to be your child Good Lord, it was actually my reality with my ex spouse who slept around later I did uncover he gave up for adoption several kids plus had three with me.So, it s reality v fiction once again as we encounter a huge mystery surrounding a young lady named Jess aka Helen Wilmington or was it Helen Oakley Well whatever her name she s arrived Which brings us to the point of no return in which the sisters Kate and Lauren must now indulge in the family s affairs both literally and figuratively to uncover the truth that may be hidden by Rose their own mother.For the love of God Henry sure did sow his wild oats but perhaps he s not the only one to blame her.What if there s to this story Would it even matter at this point in time Would anyone be interested to know their true DNA Speaking of DNA is it accurate Could it be altered What if someone sends in the wrong DNA on purpose Food for thoughtSandie Jones has me chasing my tail on this one because everything you thought you knew is turned upside down.Could Jess be connected to someone other than the parents Look, not to reveal too much but perhaps there s to the sisters past here including a possible adoption and there s even to the story of their parents.So hang tight as this one will blow your mind That ending, I m still chatting away about it since last night Sandie you nailed it The Half Sister is a must read for fans everywhere.

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