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Daughter of the Reich For Fans Of The Nightingale And All The Light We Cannot See, A Spellbinding Story Of Impossible Love Set Against The Backdrop Of The Nazi RegimeAs The Dutiful Daughter Of A High Ranking Nazi Officer, Hetty Heinrich Is Keen To Play Her Part In The Glorious New Thousand Year Reich But She Never Imagines That All She Believes And Knows About Her World Will Come Into Stark Conflict When She Encounters Walter, A Jewish Friend From The Past, Who Stirs Dangerous Feelings In Her Confused And Conflicted, Hetty Doesn T Know Whom She Can Trust And Where She Can Turn To, Especially When She Discovers That Someone Has Been Watching HerRealizing She Is Taking A Huge Risk But Unable To Resist The Intense Attraction She Has For Walter She Embarks On A Secret Love Affair With Him Together, They Dream About When The War Will Be Over And Plan For Their Future But As The Rising Tide Of Anti Semitism Threatens To Engulf Them, Hetty And Walter Will Be Forced To Take Extreme MeasuresWill The Steady March Of Dark Forces Destroy Hetty S Universe Or Can Love Ultimately Triumph Propulsive, Deeply Affecting, And Inspired By The Author S Family History, Daughter Of The Reich Is A Mesmerizing Page Turner Filled With Vivid Characters And A Meticulously Researched Portrait Of Nazi Germany In This Riveting Story Of Passion, Courage And Morality, Louise Fein Introduces A Bold Young Woman Determined To Tread The Treacherous Path Of Survival And Freedom, Showing Readers The Strength In The Power Of Love And Reminding Us That The Past Must Never Be Forgotten

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    How was it possible for Hitler to lure masses of people to follow his extreme views After WWI, the Treaty of Versailles forced Germans to pay war reparations, which had crushing effects on economy and humiliating effects on patriotic Germans Hitler, a mesmerizing public speaker, blamed all bad things on Jews and communist minorities, claiming they were trying to take over the world With worldwide economic depression and high unemployment, he put blame on the ineffectiveness of democratic government, thus calling for a New Order, promising to restore prosperity for all with no class divisions Most of this story is set within the two years preceding WWII, giving a glimpse into how humans in dire situation can be manipulated and pushed into doing atrocities The story is set in Leipzig and begins in 1933, quickly moving to 1937, giving a glimpse at what is happening in Germany during those years Hetty s family has just moved to a new big house, where previous tenants left their furniture and artwork She is almost twelve years old Her father is a high ranking SS officer and she doesn t understand what is happening She just knows that they don t go to church any longer as Herr Himmler wouldn t like it She dreams of being a doctor and now to her surprise she finds out that as a woman she can t be a doctor, rather she needs to learn obedience and concentrate on home things As Hitler promises a brilliant future with no poverty no class divisions Just one, great, unified nation which will be the envy of all the world Those who refuse to join SA recruitment go hungry, because they lose current jobs and can t get another one Those who are unwanted get charged with false crimes and are being convicted.At schools, talks of population projections take big part A population of the best the fittest, bravest, most beautiful, cleverest, and robust The epitome of Darwin s theory A people who will be superior in every way and who must spread their influence throughout the world A newspaper, is a powerful weapon it is our duty to shape the opinion of the masses and ensure the Fatherland s values and best interests are always in the forefront of people s minds Hetty almost at the age of sixteen still struggles to make sense of this all Her brother s best friend, Walter, got shunned and she secretly is in love with him He paints a touching picture for her what it means to be German He paints a straightforward picture for her how differently Jews are being treated, pretty much cornered and left without provisions for livelihood When she still struggles, he challenges her and her beliefs He encourages her to be whatever she wants to be and not to follow others directions who limit her position in society and not expect to use her mind He tells her of other countries where she can study medicine as a woman She slowly starts realizing that there is another side to this story, to the world that has surrounded her It takes Hetty time to mature, but giving the circumstances she is a believable character This story brings a vivid portrayal of distraction of lives, of feeding lies one thing being said when in reality opposite is being done of feeding hatred that pushes one man to commit horrible atrocities against another man that is even unbearable to think about Engagingly written It is a heartbreaking story with a very poignant message How could a people, a deeply civilized, democratic nation, become so unbelievably cruel to de humanise one another, and commit atrocities on such an unimaginable scale Don t take your freedom and rights for granted and don t let it slip away from you Learn the lessons of the past.Source ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    This is the second book I ve read in recent months that is set in the pre World War II time period of the 1930s in Germany, during which Hitler rose to power and Nazism infiltrated every part of the country Though set in a similar time period, the angle that this book explores is markedly different The story is told from the perspective of Hetty Heinrich, who, as the daughter of a high ranking SS officer, was raised to be the perfect German citizen pure in lineage, patriotic, fiercely loyal to Hitler and the Nazi ideology he espoused As a dutiful daughter of the Thousand Year Reich, Hetty is prepared to do her part that is, until one day when she is accidentally reunited with Walter Keller, an estranged childhood friend who had saved her from drowning when she was seven years old To Hetty, Walter is perfect in every way except for the fact that he is Jewish, and also, as Hetty slowly starts to realize, he goes against every belief she had previously been taught The two of them end up falling in love and gradually, Hetty realizes everything she thought she understood about her family and country were actually lies, which ignites in her the will to fight against them When the tides of anti semitism in Germany escalate to the point where Walter s mere existence is put into question, Hetty is faced with the ultimate decision to try and save him at all costs.As is expected when reading historical fiction, the feeling of being transported to a different time and place is one of the things I always look out for, which in this story worked really well This book s strongest element though is in the area of character development We first meet Hetty when she is 7 years old and subsequently follow her development through her teenage years, but what stands out the most is her feisty personality and strong willed nature Hetty is a character who both enthralls and frustrates in equal measure, which I guess is what makes her such an interesting character Given the historical context, books set against the backdrop of Nazi rule going into World War II are rarely ever easy reads and of course, this book was no exception The sections that described the brutalities inflicted upon Jews and others who were considered enemies of the regime were difficult to read, yet I understand why such details were necessary to the story With that said though, I also felt the writing was a bit uneven in certain areas the narrative was told entirely from Hetty s first person perspective, yet some sections were descriptive to the point that it didn t seem to match the voice I also felt the story dragged a bit in the earlier chapters and it wasn t until around the halfway mark that the story became much engaging though with that said, for me at least, the last section of the book was the strongest in terms of plot, character, and emotional nuance Despite some issues with pacing and flow, this was a good story overall, and definitely a worthy entry into the canon of WWII era fiction, in my opinion Over the years, I ve heard many people complain about the over saturation of WWII era novels in the market and while I agree for the most part, I also feel it s extremely important for these stories to continue to be told, if anything, to serve as a lesson for us and future generations, that history cannot be forgotten Received ARC from William Morrow HarperCollins via Bookbrowse First Impressions program

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    I won this book in a goodreads giveaway Thank you to William Morrow This was a really good book It is about the daughter of a high ranking Nazi officer during WW2 Hetty Heinrich knows only what she s been brought up to believe, which is idolizing Hitler and believing in his hatred of the Jews She falls in love with a Jewish boy who is a friend of her brothers In time her brother walks away from the friendship with the boy but Hetty loves him She realizes that she does not agree with everything her father stands for If you like historical fiction about WW2 I highly recommend this book.

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    Daughter of the Reich takes place in Germany during the 1930 s, life is good for the Heinrich family and they have just moved into a beautiful house in Leipzig Hetty s father is a busy man, Hetty, her mother and her brother Karl don t question what the head of the household is up to, he works hard for their family and very long days.Hetty attends school at the local gymnasium, here she s taught what every teenage German girl needs to know, the curriculum has been changed and it s all about making Germany great again and they re being brainwashed Hetty starts to have doubts, she maybe a spoiled teenage girl, but she can t understand why Jewish people are being treated so badly and she knows some nice Jewish families Hetty almost drowned when she was eight her brother s best friend Walter saved her and he is Jewish But Karl, cuts all ties with Walter, his childhood friend is shunned and he s no longer welcome at their house Hetty also learns the shocking truth about her father s job he s working for the SS and how he obtained the house the family is living in The brown shirts start targeting innocent Jewish people, including children and older people Their property is taken from them, they are bashed in the street, publicly humiliated, charged a fortune to try to get a passport and to leave the country It s very interesting to read about the German perspective as they head towards fighting in another world war, its scary what they think is necessary and right.Hitler had a plan for human progression, it s not just Jewish people he wanted to eliminate, he wanted to create a super race, of pure Aryan blood, he believed this will stop crime, hereditary diseases, insanity and create scientific advancement Hetty is horrified to discover her father also believes this, he thinks Hetty should marry a German man and produce perfect blond haired blue eyed pure Aryan babies.Hetty has major issues with what her father wants her to do, she hopes to finish school and dreams of being a doctor, she doesn t want to be used as a German brood mare and she has fallen in love with Walter, he is of course Jewish and every time they meet they risk being arrested.I couldn t stop reading Daughter of The Reich, the book is very different to other WW II historical fiction I have read and I really liked it The story is about two young people trying to go against the Nazi tide, finding the courage to keep going as they fight to survive and try desperately to be together I gave the book five starts, I have shared my review on Goodreads, Edelweiss, Twitter and my blog.

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    Hetty Heinrich is the daughter of a high ranking SS officer, her mother and older brother Karl have just moved from a flat to a three story house with a garden She is loyal to her family and to Hitler, as she has been bought up to be a good German girl.When Hetty was 7 she nearly drowned, Karl s best friend Walter rescued her but he is a Jew and is considered a second class citizen who they should not mix with.Hetty meets up with Walter years later and is instantly attracted to him, but their relationship is one that has to be kept secret Hetty starts to doubt all that she had been bought up to believe How can her love for Walter be a sin just because he is a Jew With the Jews being rounded up and sent to concentration camps she knows she will have to save Walter.This is such an emotional book, the story comes to life and I actually felt the fear every time Hetty and Walter met up, scared that they would be punished for their actions A must read book that will capture you re heart Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review.

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    It is the 1930s, pre war Germany At the start of the book, we meet twelve year old Hetty Heinrich, her brother Karl and his best friend Walter In a few years, the rise of Hitler and the spread of Nazism start to overtake their lives Hetty s father is rising in the ranks of the SS and Karl is following in his footsteps At first, Hetty is taken by the promises of Hitler and vows to also follow in line believing the propaganda At age sixteen, her friendship with Walter reignites and grows into love Walter is Jewish and his family is suffering He educates Hetty about all the lies she s been told and she quickly learns that everything her family stands for is wrong.The tender love story between Hetty and Walter reminded me of Romeo and Juliet as all odds were against them Seeing the rise of Nazism through the eyes of a German girl offers an interesting and different perspective to the WWII oriented books that are generally written I enjoyed Daughter of the Reich it has a YA Young Adult feel which may serve well to reach younger readers who need to be reminded of this horrible period in history Worth reading for all ages Many thanks to NetGalley, HarperCollins William Morrow and the author for an advance copy.Review to be posted at MicheleReader.com closer to its May 12 publication date.

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    I read a lot of World War II fiction and this is a different look at the war than what is normally written This book takes place in Germany before the war and gives a view of how many of the German people revered Hitler and thought that he was the only person that could save their country Most of the people who disagreed with this opinion were sent to work camps or murdered on the street.Hetty is the daughter of a high ranking Nazi official She lives in a huge house with her father, her mother who spends her time working with charities and her brother The novel begins in 1933 when Hetty is 12 She attends BDM The League of German Girls or Band of German Maidens German Bund Deutscher M del, abbreviated as BDM was the girls wing of the Nazi Party youth movement, the Hitler Youth meetings and believes her father that Hitler is the only way for Germany to be saved She wants to do whatever she can to help Germany succeed and is enthralled with Hitler as a leader UNTIL she sees Walter again Walter had been a friend to her brother and she had a crush on him after he saved her from drowning when she was very young When she finds out that Walter is really Jewish, despite having Aryan features, she knows that he is an enemy to her beloved country When she sees him again and starts to talk to him, her world is turned upside down and she begins to wonder if all she has been taught has been a lie are Jews really being prosecuted, are people being treated cruelly, are Jewish people starving All of these questions begin to prey on her mind as her relationship with Walter grows stronger even though she knows that she will be severely punished if they are ever seen together As she decides who to believe and tries to save Walter and his family, her life at home is becoming difficult and the possibility of exposure is getting stronger as she realizes that someone is following her Will hatred cause the end of Hetty s love for Walter or will love overcome all of the hate Thanks to the publisher for a copy of this book to read and review All opinions are my own.

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    In People Like Us, Louise Fein manages to take us right inside the mind of German schoolgirl Hetty Heinrich, daughter of a high ranking SS officer in the 1930s At first Hetty swallows the Nazi party line, kissing Hitler s picture and trying her hardest to be a good German girl When she realises that her brother s friend Walter who saved her from drowning at the age of eight is Jewish, and therefore should be considered dirty and dishonest , she begins to struggle with the Nazis disparagement of an entire race And gradually, as she gets closer to Walter in her teenage years, she questions the ideology being thrust down her throat at home, at school and in the BDM girls group.It s hard to write convincingly from a child s point of view without sounding twee, and it s hard to write in first person without your narrator sounding self obsessed, but Louise Fein completely nails it The cleverness lies in the contrast between what Hetty knows and our knowledge of what happened in Germany by the end of the decade When she begins to meet Walter in secret, we are terrified for both of them I had a knot in my stomach as I read, totally gripped Surely the author wouldn t kill off Walter or Hetty But how could he possibly survive No spoilers, but the ending is poignant and perfectly pitched.I couldn t believe it when I read that this is a debut, because it s so skilfully written We feel Hetty s character development through the pages the scene setting and historical background are unobtrusive but utterly convincing This is an important subject to write about and I learned a lot, but above all it is a powerful, unforgettable love story.

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    People like Us is a fascinating immersive book set in 1930 s Germany and seen through the eyes of main character, teenage Hetty Hetty s struggle is brilliantly portrayed, she is torn between her adoration of Hitler and her equally powerful draw towards her childhood friend and saviour Walter who happens to be Jewish Love kind of wins out or does it with an enormous cost to those involved People like us is part romance, part character study, part call to arms The subject matter racial hate is sensitive but we are in safe hands with Fein who writes with great passion and urgency The minor characters are living, breathing, three dimensional people, each with their own motivations and dark secrets This is a must read for anyone interested in understanding how normal people people like us get caught up in fascism and how it feels when friends and neighbours become enemies.

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    Heartbreakingly good book Told from thenpoint of a young German girl She has been told the German way is the only way But slowly she discovers what the truth really is and tries to do everything to save her jewish boyfriend from a terrible fate

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