Driftwood Marya Layth Uses Poetry As A Lifeline Into The Most Light Deprived Places Of The Past Ghosts Are Reawakened And Their Features Are Conjured With Achingly Honest Detail A Reminder That Abuse Has No Expiration Date Driftwood Is A Current That Pulls You Into The Deep Sea Where Daylight Becomes A Myth And Yet There Is Breath In The Water Layth Proclaims Sink As The Victim, Emerge As The Survivor As Much To Herself As She Does To The Reader

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    ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review Thank you so much Ms Layth Unexpectedly deep and profound Each poems are emotionally driven and I was sitting here like Damn, that gutted me I can say this one is a good collection.

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    We all know someone who reduces us to a copper nail to justify being a hammer I know three facts about those kinds of people One They are the weak ones Two They are the weak ones Three They are the weak ones I thank the author for providing me an e book of her collection.These poems hit me like a punch in the face They are so full of loss and pain that I physically experienced that loss and that pain They speak about violence, that subtle violence that is disguised as love How many women are forced to shut up, not to move in their own house because they are afraid of how their husband or their father may react These men convince you to live as they want, that their world is the only one you deserve to live in, and in reality they are only trying to let you down and make you feel small, so small that you start thinking you are worth nothing And when you live as a child in a family like this, it may even happen that you actually look for a love like this because it s the only one you know But these poems teach us that a healing process is possible, that you can learn that an artificial light is not the light of the sun and that you can be your own light and your own source of happiness even if this process is not easy and you will never be a perfect person But actually perfection is not what we should seek, perfection is overrated healing and happiness should be our goals This collection is a beautiful hymn to feminism, the one that inspires you to feel good and to condemn people that try to blame you for their own faults.

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    First of all I want to thank Mary s Layth for sending me her beautiful work Every poem and every word was intense and emotional It talks about loss, broken family, intoxicating relationships It made me feel so much and I personally connected deeply because I have experienced that pain, that rage towards the main man in my life She made me see her soul, hear her story and now I feel like I know her It started with lose, then pain, then love, then a broken beaten heart and ended with hang your fears beneath the sun, now you re free to make music out of mayhem.

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    A haunting collection of poems that delve into heavy subject matter with poise and strength Marya Layth s vulnerability is inspiring.

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    Astounding, deep, and achingly beautiful The poet of Driftwood speaks honestly about her heart rending experiences, but writes about them in a way that brings hope Plus, the original artwork is like nothing I ve seen before Truly a spectacular and unique work of art.

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    Marya outdoes herself again with a powerful collection which leaves your soul shaking The imagery puts you in her shoes you smell what she smells, you feel, and I mean feel what she feels You see through her eyes, and make it your own This collection is one of a kind, and everyone should do themselves a favor and read it.

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    I didn t expect healing to feel like breaking and resetting my bones one by one until I became a synonym for sort of new healing is a body with broken legs learning to walk from its own shadow I had the absolute pleasure of Marya reaching out to me to read her debut collection, and I was thrilled I read the whole thing in one sitting, and loved every bit of it The poems were difficult, but relatable they deal with relationships, the toxicity that can exist with romantic ones, but also with yourself and family as well The poems are short and to the point, but they invoke so much feeling that you re left wanting There are also mixed media images interspersed throughout that lent so much to the understanding of the collection, and I kept looking forward to seeing which one, with which quote, would appear next My only complaint was that I wish it had been longer, and Marya told me that once she publishes the physical copy it will contain some poems which is the best news If you re a fan of poetry, or looking for something to relate to in hard times, I would highly suggest this collection.

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    You look nothing like my father but when I peel your skin back you could be his cherry flavored tobacco spitting image From Not All Doppelgangers Look Alike Check out this book you will not be disappointed Just has great line after great line I kept turning back while looking ahead for Inspiring words, intense subject matter of abuse Full of hurt but you ll find the poet makin you laugh with surprise and appreciation for how she knew you needed it The words come clean out of the book they want to be spoken.If you don t like poetry maybe you will after reading some of this.

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    She knew it was better to be on the other side of pain than to be the one causing it Marya s Driftwood is a haunting yet truly enlightening collection With each poem, she allows us to dive deep into the pitch black rabbit holes of her trauma filled childhood and coming of age memories While in the same moment, we find our ways right back up towards the surface with the comforting guide of her own unwavering and warm glowing resilience In addition to the visuals she paints with her words, Marya includes unique works of visual art to accompany her poems.

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    There s an incredible depth, creativity, and authenticity within the pages of Driftwood Marya Layth s poetic symbolism and visual imagery is a unique reflection on her memories of abuse, trauma, and adolescence I really love how Marya immediately sinks her teeth in biting down with emotion in every poem and delivering a lethal dose of clever storytelling The subject matter can be heavy at times, but Driftwood doesn t dwell on the darkness without interweaving tales of innocence, levity, and empowerment.I couldn t put Driftwood down once I started reading I was completely captivated and read through it in a little over an hour It s a short but powerful read I highly recommend this collection for anyone seeking a truly authentic read even if you don t like poetry.

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