The New Military Humanism

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    MILITARY HUMANISM SHREDDED Unusually for Chomsky Lessons from Kosovo is tightly focussed on one particular conflict the much lauded NATO intervention in Kosovo in spring 1999 that was carried out under the banner of being an almost historically unique Humanitarian Intervention In this short book Chomsky destroys the NATO case on every major point, and tears apart the rhetoric and rationale of Clinton, Blair, et al and their many media cheerleaders into shreds.Rather than being an intervent MILITARY HUMANISM SHREDDED Unus...

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    A concise example of what Chomsky s politics are, this book seeks to uncover the actual events in Kosovo in order to compare it to the Us Uk narrative of Nato intervention to stop genocide Instead we find that rather than beingnoble than the U.N who refused to act in the face of atrocity, Nato infact became the catalyst for a political situation which engulfed thousands and further scared the already troubled balkans.Anti American If misunderstood Chomsky s anti imperialist stance is t A concise example of what Chomsky s politics are, this book seeks to uncover the actual eve...

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    A very uncomfortable book to read, and there are unpleasant parallels between the Kosovo intervention and the whole pile of pish that s going on in Afraqistan and their handlings by the mainstream media.

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    Essential reading to understand the NATO bombing of Kosovo, particularly for how it documents that the bombing exacerbated the violence on the ground, creating the very humanitarian crisis that was then ex post facto used to justify it.

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    Una cr tica fuerte y aguda, una tr gica realidad La verdad estoy bastante desinformada del tema, y fue un duro abrir de ojos leer esto Chomsky hace un buen trabajo fundamentando sus cr ticas.

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