On the Irrawaddy

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  • On the Irrawaddy
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  • 15 August 2019

On the Irrawaddy The British Waged Three Costly Wars Against The Burmese Empire During The 19th Century The Costly Wars Took The Lives Of Over 15,000 British And Indian Soldiers When The Final War Ended In 1885, Great Britain Controlled All Of Northeastern India And Burma In This Book A Young Man By The Name Of Stanley Finds Himself Involved In The Events Swirling Around The First Burmese War Join Stanley As He Finds His Fortune During A Tempestuous Time In G A Henty S On The Irawaddy A Story Of The First Burmese Wars Set In Early Nineteenth Century India And Burma, This Book Includes Geographical, Historical, And Explanatory Footnotes To Aid The Modern Reader.

About the Author: G.A. Henty

George Alfred Henty, better known as G.A Henty, began his storytelling career with his own children After dinner, he would spend and hour or two in telling them a story that would continue the next day Some stories took weeks A friend was present one day and watched the spell bound reaction of his children suggesting Henty write down his stories so others could enjoy them He did Henty wrote

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    Oh no No no no This was painful Pompous, boring, racist and wooden When I saw that the characters, Burmese or British, were speaking in the same way, I just gave up and skimmed through it so fast that By the way, it had maybe one woman at the beginning, a...

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    First Burmese War In my ignorance I didn t know there was one, let alone several This is my first novel by Henty and it won t be my last One the downside the characterisation is lousy, virtually non existent and there are, of course, the attitudes are somewhat old fashioned certainly not a book to be recommended for young readers today The structure is clumsy A vaguely outlined family saga, a couple of deeds of derring do one described in some detail and a rather dry account of the campaign And...

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    I haven t read any Henty for a long, long time, and this was a real pleasure It s set in an unusual period and location, which appealed to both the historian and the wargamer in me Of course it s a load of jingoistic tosh, but it s an exciting adventure, loaded with historical details and local color It s a little rushed in places by modern standards, but on the other hand it keeps movin...

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    Started out quite promising, as my curiosity got whetted by the prospect of impending war and action, after all, the literature on this historical campaign is thin Disappointingly the author s writing style left much to be desired He seldom describes the scene in sufficient detail, but instead we get bogged down in the finer details of how an officer s kit is furnished, and at what cost, what is the salary of different ranks, the value of rubies etc It is also blatantly racist as befits a product of that era, and stupendously one sided in favor of British imperialism of course The conquered natives were all happy to be colonial subjects rather than under their original despotic tyrant monarchs, for instance Description of battles was also lackluster, don t expect much gore and intimate in your face combat Battles were won as territories were simply carried at the point of a bayonet , positions over run by superior disciplined British fighting units compared to the rag tag individualistic and uncoordinated native soldiers coerced into fighting by the king holding their families hostage The adventures of the protagonist were pretty far fetched and beggars belief, from fighting off beasts single handed to the improbable infiltration into an...

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    awesome book one of my favorites by him.

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