Tintin et les Picaros

Tintin et les Picaros Tintin Hears In The News That Bianca Castafiore, Her Maid, Pianist And Thomson And Thompson, Have Been Imprisoned In San Theodoros For Allegedly Attempting To Overthrow The Military Dictatorship Of General Tapioca, Who Has Yet Again Deposed Tintin S Old Friend, General Alcazar Tintin, Calculus And Haddock Soon Become Embroiled In The Accusations, And, Travelling To San Theodoros To Clear Their Names, Find Themselves Caught In A Trap Laid By Their Old Enemy, Colonel Sponsz, Who Has Been Sent By The East Bloc Nation Of Borduria To Assist Tapioca Sponsz Has Concocted The Conspiracy Of Which Tintin And His Friends Are Accused In A Plot To Wreak Revenge Upon Them For Humiliating Him In The Calculus Affair Escaping, Tintin, Haddock, And Calculus Join Alcazar And His Small Band Of Guerrillas, The Picaros, In The Jungle Near An Arumbaya Indian Village.Meanwhile, In A Show Trial Orchestrated By Sponsz, Castafiore Is Sentenced To Life Imprisonment And The Thompsons Are Ordered To Be Executed By Firing Squad Tintin Enlists Alcazar S Help In Freeing His Friends, But Upon Arrival At His Jungle Headquarters, Finds That Alcazar S Men Have Become Demoralised Drunkards Since Tapioca Started Dropping Copious Quantities Of Alcohol Near Their Camp Additionally, Alcazar Is Continually Henpecked By His Shrewish Wife Peggy, Who Nags Him Constantly About His Failure To Achieve A Successful Revolution Fortunately, Calculus Has Invented A Pill Which Will Make Alcohol Unpalatable To Anyone Who Ingests It Which He Proves To Have Tested On Haddock, Much To The Latter S Ire Tintin Offers To Use The Pill To Cure The Picaros Of Their Alcoholism If Alcazar Agrees To Make The Overthrow Of Tapioca Bloodless Alcazar Reluctantly Agrees, And As His Men Are Cured, Jolyon Wagg Arrives With His Musical Troupe The Jolly Follies, Who Intend To Perform At The Upcoming Carnival In San Theodoros Alcazar With A Little Advice From Tintin Launches An Assault On Tapioca S Palace During The Carnival By Borrowing The Troupe S Costumes And Sneaking His Men Into The Capital He Topples Tapioca, But On Tintin S Urging, Does Not Execute Him, As Is Tradition Tapioca Is Instead Forced To Publicly Surrender His Powers To Alcazar And Is Exiled, While Sponsz Is Sent Back To Borduria.Meanwhile, Thomson And Thompson Are Due To Be Shot On The Same Day As The Carnival Although As Naive As Ever In Their Observations, The Detectives Show Courage By Refusing To Be Blindfolded Tintin And Haddock Reach The State Prison In Time To Prevent The Executions From Taking Place Castafiore, Her Maid And Her Pianist Are Also Released, And Alcazar Can Finally Give His Wife The Palace He Has Promised With Everything Back In Order Or Not , Tintin And His Friends Leave As They Fly Home, Tintin And Haddock Express Gratitude About Being Able To Go Home, Showing A Weary Attitude Towards Travel Than In Earlier Books.The Second To Last Panel Shows A Final, Skeptical Political Message As Under Tapioca, The City Slums Are Filled With Wretched, Starving People And Patrolled By Indifferent Police Nothing Is Different, Except That A Viva Tapioca Sign Has Been Changed To Read Viva Alcazar, Demonstrating Herg S View That Even If Regimes Change, Conditions Do Not Improve.

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    Tintin et les Picaros Tintin, 23 , Herg 1978 1380 62 9644072596 1381 1384 9644072731 20

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    My review from Tintin Books As Napoleon said, Think of it, soldiers Forty centuries look down upon you Captain Haddock to CalculusI hadn t read Tintin and the Picaros since I was a kid, so it s arguably the completed album I know least Returning to it, I found much to love After the creative misstep that was Flight 714, Herge was very much back on track.Of all the albums in the Tintin ouevre, Picaros is less clearly aimed at children Even the formula defying The Castafiore Emerald features a great deal of slapstick and mistaken identities There is a mature, autumnal feel from the first two frames, as Tintin arrives at Marlinspike in different clothes on his motorbike, amidst the barren, tilled fields, dark skies, dead trees and the constant presence of ravens And there are SO many words The early pages, during which Haddock and Tintin ponder their connection to the coup in San Theodoros, and whether to travel there to clear their names, is filled with frame after frame of news bulletin and lengthy debate It s wonderful to see the two ...

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    South American Revolutions27 February 2012 This is the last of the completed Tintin books and in a way does finally tie everything up Granted, nobody ever lives happily ever after, but I do feel that it does round off and complete what I consider to be a ground breaking series of books that are incredibly funny and very entertaining This album seems to follow on after the Castafiore Emerald as there are a few connections with the events in the previous album, however it appears that Flight 714 occurred between the two albums Now while this is possible as Bianca Castafiore is on a tour of Latin America that she began at the end of the Castafiore Emerald I feel that the events of Flight 714 should probably come afterwards As mentioned, Bianca Castafiore, with her entourage, are traveling through Latin America and arrive at the fictional country of San Theodoros the same country from The Broken Ear and she and her entourage which includes Thompson and Thomson are arrested immediately after the concert on the grounds of participa...

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    The Tintin stories for anyone who has read them and understands their history can t be viewed as anything other than groundbreaking The beginnings of these stories have been around as long as the Lord of the Rings, the illustration and environments in the Tintin books are accurate and extremely detailed Anyone who has spent even a little time exploring Herge Georges Remi can see the painstaking research and adversity he worked through to compose the world around Tintin His ideas were ahead of his time Exploring the mo...

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    Part of the interest in reading Tintin is thinking about how Herg s attitudes changed over time His rejection of some of his earlier portrayals he is on record as categorizing Tintin in America as an error of his youth allow a reader to see this series as a product of a specific time and place a product created by a writer who became politically sophisticated as he gained in years and wisdom re Reading this episode directly after revisiting The Broken Ear is a case in point Herg did not stop skewering the political culture of South America, but between 1937 Broken Ear and 1976 Picaros , there had been great changes politically in the world, and the later work acknowledges them Picaros is set in a far subtler, nuanced world though, as in the earlier book, Herg holds to the view that leadership, in the imagined South American country of San Th...

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    Pretty fun, though dismissive of serious topics as Tintin is wont to do The plot wraps up so cleanly it s borderline insulting, but hidden in the flippancy is some cynical and incisive commentary In the world of Herg it s as if Tintin s goodness is so contagious that he makes the world better by his presence He grabs a warlord by the ear and tells them to behave themselves and despite protest, they do Thus Tintin can blamelessly aid a rebellious faction in an armed coup No discussion of the differences between reigning power and rebel is considered or addressed Tintin s reason for aiding Alcazar s cause is explicitly to rescue his friends from excecution , and that is arguably satirical commentary in itself The second to last panel of the book shown above is actually quite chilling considered in detail As Tintin and company fly away back to the safety of white Europe, a billboard has...

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