Hidden Riches

Hidden Riches Dora Conroy Tem Uma Pequena Loja De Antiguidades E, Num Leil O De Arte, Compra Um Quadro Que Muito Mais Do Que Parece Depois H O Novo Inquilino Do Apartamento Por Cima Da Sua Loja, Jed Skimmerhorn,um Ex Pol Cia Que Tem Tanto De Rude Quanto De Charmoso Mas Ele Quem A Salva Quando A Loja Assaltada E Dora Descobre Que Os Outros Compradores Do Mesmo Leil O Est O A Ser Assassinados Juntando For As Com Dora Para Descobrir Quem Est Por Detr S Dos Roubos E Das Mortes, Jed Atra Do Para A Vida Agitada De Dora E Para O Dia A Dia Da Sua Fam Lia Exc Ntrica Mas Imensamente Calorosa Quem Ainda Tem D Vidas Sobre O Talento De Nora Roberts Para Encantar E Conquistar Os Tops De Vendas, S Tem De Escolher Um Sof Confort Vel E Descobrir Estes Tesouros Escondidos.

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    Isadora runs an antique and collectibles shop Her family is into theater acting and she used to be an actress She is undaunted, persistent, beautiful and bright After bidding some collectibles in Virginia, she had no idea about the trouble those things would bring her Jedidiah love the name is an ex cop who turned in his badge after his sister died He is a rude boar, closed off, has a temper and...

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    The suspense is great but the frustration of not being able to warn the characters about something the reader has already read is awesome and painful I had a few issues with things that are pet peeves for me, like ignoring a hot meal so the main characters can have sex and ripping a sweatshirt in two to get at a woman really, who lets their food go cold for sex when you can always have sex later and has anyone tried ripping apart a sweatshirt You might be able to enlarge a hole that s already there, but I guarantee you it would be almost impossible to get through the ribbing at neck and waist, even for a strong man He might be successful but only after having jerked the woman s neck unmercifully Once I got past those two things, I thoroughly enjoyed the rest The suspense at the end was great and the villain really gruesome Jed ...

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    I am not going to review every Nora Roberts book that I have read in the past because she is quite prolific and it would get redundant and I honestly cannot remember all the plots I think someone finds someone else attractive but at least one cannot admit it so there is sexual tension, then lots of sex, and then they live happily ever after Sometimes there is some magic , a family legacy, or a mystery Certainly not great works of literature howe...

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    Re reading Made the time on the elliptical and treadmill pass quickly this morning, which is always nice this is still one of my favorite old skool Nora books Her non JD Robb books are always hit and miss for me, but I always enjoy this one.

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    Me cost un poco terminar de leerlo porque no andaba en un buen momento con las lecturas, aun as me gusto y por eso mi calificaci n final es 6.

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    Nota 8Ha sido una relectura muy interesante, hab a pasado bastante tiempo desde la ltima vez que lo hab a rele do.Dora me gusta mucho como personaje principal Es divertida, sensible, dram tica Y su familia es genial Los personajes secundarios son excelentes, como ca siempre con Nora Roberts Jed le va a la zaga Tiene mucho para superar y ves como va cambiando a lo largo del libro.Para m , el mayor defecto d...

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    I fell in love again 3

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    Como he disfrutado de este libro Me encantan los protagonistas, con sus iron as y sus puyas Dora es genial y su familia es maravillosa La verdad es que este libro se ha convertido en uno de mis favoritos de esta autora10 10

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    Mystery plot was patently obvious, but enjoyed entering into the world of collectibles, old books, and antiques.

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    I have so been missing my romance This was just a breath of fresh air.

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