The Queen's Bastard

The Queen's Bastard Poss Vel Que A Rainha Virgem De Inglaterra Tenha Tido Do Seu Amante, Robin Dudley, Conde De Leicester, Um Filho A Maioria Dos Historiadores N O D O Import Ncia A Essas Lendas Considerando As Mexericos De Quem Mais Nada Tem Que Fazer Outros Falam De Um Jovem Muito Especial E Arrojado Chamado Arthur Dudley.Esta A Hist Ria Completa De Arthur Dudley, O Filho Bastardo Da Rainha Isabel I No Contexto Da Tentativa De Invas O Da Inglaterra Pela Armada Espanhola Em 1588, O Bastardo Da Rainha Articula Num Romance Nico Duas Ac Es Paralelas A Primeira Contada Em Estilo De Mem Rias Pelo Pr Prio Arthur, Que, Trocado Nascen A Pelos Ntimos De Isabel Por Um Beb Nado Morto, Cresce Como Um Cavalheiro Do Campo, Sem Nunca Conhecer A Sua Verdadeira Identidade Um Sonhador, Um Rom Ntico, Um Magn Fico Cavaleiro, O Jovem Arthur Parte Para Combater Filipe II De Espanha A Segunda Hist Ria Segue O Caso Amoroso De Uma Vida Inteira Entre Isabel E Leicester, Cujo Amor Ficou Apenas Mais Forte Ap S Da Suposta Perda Do Filho De Ambos As Duas Hist Rias Colidem Quando Arthur Sabe Atrav S Do Seu Pai Adoptivo, No Leito Da Morte, Quem S O Os Seus Verdadeiros Pais.

  • Capa Mole
  • 464 pages
  • The Queen's Bastard
  • Robin Maxwell
  • Portuguese
  • 18 January 2018

About the Author: Robin Maxwell

Robin Maxwell began writing novels about the historical figures she had been obsessing about since graduating from Tufts University with a degree in Occupational Therapy Her first novel, The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn, now in its 24th printing, won two YA awards and has been translated into fourteen languages The Wild Irish an epic tale of Ireland s rebel queen, Grace O Malley closed ou

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    A richly atmospheric historical novel hypothesizing the claim of one Arthur Dudley, and the premise that his claim to be a son of Elizabeth I and her paramour Robert Dudley was true.We are certain that Elizabeth II, a vital woman with a strong appetite for things physical like dancing, riding and hunting was no virgin And we can be sure that her great love relationship with Robert Dudley had a physical side.Could her relationship have led to the birth of a child, whose pregnancy she hid on one of her summer progresses then spirited away by theQueen s trusty servant Kat Ashley and her Prime Minister William Cecil, while Elizabeth was told the child had died Far fetched Could have happened.There was a man who did claim to be the child of suck a liaison, who knows Large parts of Arthur s journal detail the life he is given by Maxwell, included his love for horses inherited by his father , his cruel tretment at the hands of his insane adoptive mother Maud, his first sexual liaison, his military adventures in the Netherlands where he becomes a trusted confidante of Wi...

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    Dear authors everywhere, Entire chapters in italics are annoying and unnecessary Italics are to emphasize important points If you believe your readers are too stupid to realize when a different character s voice is being used, you 1 are a poor character writer, 2 don t respect your readers and 3 could simply use the device of using the character s name as the chapter title.For the record, I do not read chapters printed entirely in italicized type Therefore, I read ...

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    What would have happened if Queen Elizabeth I had an illegitimate son and he lived to tell the tale This book gives an answer of sorts.The book follows the queen s son s adventures and it also follows the story of Elizabeth and Robert Dudley s relationship.I liked the vivid descriptions about horses,english towns,country life and battles.Although,I found the relationship between Robert an...

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    Un excelente libro para los amantes de la historia el cual narra la vida del hijo bastardo de la reina Isabel I, el cual esta excelentemente bien documentado gracias a la ardua investigaci n de la autora y que une todos esos puntos de una manera magistral relat ndonos la vida de este personaje llamado Arthur, he de confesar que me tarde ley ndolo mas de lo que esperaba pero es que hay ciertas partes en las cuales la narrativa se hace un poco pesada y un tanto aburrida pero fuera de eso nos llena de puntos interesante que tal vez desconoc amos de la vida de la reina y que en parte son verdad mezclado c...

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    Todos los a os, sin propon rmelo, termino leyendo alg n libro ambientado en la poca isabelina El a o pasado fueron Isabel y Essex Lytton Strachey y Mar a Estuardo Stefan Zweig Sabiendo a grandes rasgos su historia, nunca me aburre.Con esta novela, me han dado ganas de montar a caballo Uno de mis animales preferidos Tienen gran prot...

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    Mio affezionato popolo, cominci Elisabetta con voce vigorosa e ferma i miei consiglieri,temendo per la mia vita, non volevano che io venissi qui fra di voi Ma come potete vedere non ho prestato loro ascolto, perch io credo nella lealt dei miei sudditi che sono la mia forza e non la mia debolezza E cos sono venu...

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    If you ever found yourself sitting around after watching the yearly Queen Elizabeth movie and thinking, Man, will the whole Elizabeth story thing EVER get old then this book shouts, YES IT S OLD Had to force myself to finish it Several times, after a few chapters, I felt I d watched some Wal Mart produced, Hallmark channel morality play that a crazed producer decided to set in Elizabetha...

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    I wish the book focused on Arthur Dudley and less on the Queen and Robert Dudley I understand the need for historical context, however the switching in perspective was distracting and in my opinion unnecessary.

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    Historically the book was good Learned quite a bit about William of Orange and Phillip of Spain that I did not know though I have read many Elizabeth books The character of Arthur however, while apparently historical, was not believable His interactions with Elizabeth and Robin were too ...

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    In this book in which Robin Maxwell draws upon some historic clues to posit that Queen Elizabeth and Robin Dudley had a baby early in their relationship The pregnancy was hidden through cleverness of dressing and also the Queen s summer Progress in which she travels throughout the realm to show her support for the people and gain theirs for herself I am reading this historical fiction just after reading a history of Catherine de Medici, Queen and Queen Regent of France during the Valois reigns Catherine and Elizabeth both were dealing with religious factions and wars within their own kingdoms and had some direct dealings with each other In Robin Maxwell s historical fiction, she makes the idea of this young man, Arthur Dudley Southern, appear as a possible heir to the throne of England but she does not make that a goal for Arthur himself He, like his birth father, is a lover and trainer of horses and his assigned father supports his love of horses and makes sure that he has an appropriate horse for his age Maxwell allows the preteenage Arthur to have some time with Robin Dudley in which Dudley encourages him in his studies as well as his horsemanship She also allowed him to have a shorter amount of time with Elizabeth This occurred when Dudley later, the Earl of Leicester and Elizabeth visited the small estate on which Arthur and his assigned family live His time with Dudley is intimate and person...

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