The American Dream

The American Dream The American Dream Kindle Epub Author Dan Rather The American Dream Is Inherently Inclusive, And Has The Power To Strike A Chord In All Of Us It Defines Us As A People, Even As We Add To Its Meaning With Each New Chapter In Our National Experience And Our Individual Actions This Book Is The Result Of My Quest To Discover The American Dream As Your Neighbors Are Creating It Today I Hope That You Receive It Well And I Wish All Of You The Best In Bringing Your Own Dreams To Fruition Dan Rather, From The IntroductionAn Inspirational Look At How Our Nation S Earliest Ideals Resonate In Today S World, The American Dream Shows Us In Very Personal Terms That America Is Still A Place Where Hard Work, Dedication, And Vision Can Transform Dreams Into Reality Bestselling Author And Award Winning Journalist Dan Rather Provides A Powerful Look At Americans Who Struggle For And Achieve Their Desires And Ambitions He Has Gathered The Stories Of Ordinary Men And Women Who Are Accomplishing The Extraordinary, And Demonstrates How The American Dream Guides Us As Individuals And As A Society, Binding Us Together, Even Amid The Fragmenting And Self Isolating Tendencies Of Modern American Life.Each Person In This Book Exemplifies The American Dream, Living And Expressing This National Ideal In His Or Her Own Way For Some The American Dream Is Simply To Own A Home Or Start A Family Some Wish To Serve God, Country, Or Community To Teach To Test Boundaries To Rise Out Of Poverty Some Yearn To Live Off The Land Or Run Their Own Business Some Want To Learn To Read Or Earn A College Degree There Are Those Who Work To Achieve Fame And Fortune, While Still Others Simply Wish To Exercise Fundamental American Rights To Openly Practice Their Religion, To Speak What Is In Their Minds And Hearts, And To Protest.Stirring And Provocative, The American Dream Illustrates That The Basic American Desire For Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness Is Alive And Well It Also Confirms What Our Founding Fathers Always Believed That We Are A Country Of Visionaries, In Ways Big And Small.

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    I checked out the audiobook version of The American Dream from the library so I d have something to listen to on my trip this weekend if I m driving by myself, I d rather listen to talking than music, as it keeps mealert Dan Rather first touched on the concept of exploring the American Dreams of men women around the country in short segments on the CBS Evening News He then took the idea and expanded it into this book Each chapter revolves around a topic such as ...

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    A few of the stories in here are captivating but a little of Rather s voice goes a long way.

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    This is an interesting collection of stories that are meant to illustrate a variety of Americans achieving their dreams Rather picks his stories from real present day people, and does the narration himself Some areengaging than others, and his picks themselves rev...

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    Divided into these categories, of what people strive for in America FreedomWork and WealthThe Pursuit of HappinessFamilyThe SpotlightEducationInnovationService to OthersChris Gardener is in this book, as is Michael A Cruz, and Amarillo boy whose dad worked at Pante...

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    This is a great book I recommend it to everyone people who were born here, and people who were not It makes me want to work harder toward nailing down any particular American Dream I might have, or helping others get closer to theirs I believe that th...

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    This is collection of various Americans stories They are mildly interesting Someso than others One problem is that pretty much all the stories follow the same exact pattern person has huge adversity in life, overcomes that adversity to achieve something notable.

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    Listened to Dan Rather read his own book Enjoyed hearing the stories he shared and liked the insights he added.

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    I thought I would enjoy Dan Rather in an audio book but after awhile it just seemed to drone on and on.

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    A happy reminder of when Dan Rather was such a familiar voice inoptimistic times A good boost of encouragement during this 2016 election season when appreciation seems rare.

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