他人の顔 [Tanin no kao]

他人の顔 [Tanin no kao] PDF Epub Tanin No Kao By K B Abe Bystricepodhostynem.eu Convencido De Que El Alma Reside En La Piel, De Que Su Propio Ser Se Ha Desvanecido Junto Con Los Rasgos De Su Cara Desfigurada A Ra Z De Un Accidente, Un Cient Fico Se Obsesiona Con La Idea De Cubrirse Con Una M Scara, Otro Yo Que Esperanzadamente Concibe Como Un Nexo Con El Mundo Destinada A Devolverle La Comunicaci N, El Afecto, Su Sexualidad Incluso, Esa Segunda Piel Comienza A Imponerse A Su Voluntad A Trav S De Una Intriga Magistral Desarrollada Por Abe En El Rostro Ajeno.

  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • 他人の顔 [Tanin no kao]
  • Kōbō Abe
  • Spanish
  • 18 October 2017
  • 9788498411010

About the Author: Kōbō Abe

K b Abe Abe K b , pseudonym of Kimifusa Abe, was a Japanese writer, playwright, photographer, and inventor He was the son of a doctor and studied medicine at Tokyo University He never practised however, giving it up to join a literary group that aimed to apply surrealist techniques to Marxist ideology.Abe has been often compared to Franz Kafka and Alberto Moravia for his surreal, often

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    The world of The Face of Another is the world of Japan in the 1960s , observed through Abe s highly tuned microscope a world layered in paranoia, in which fast growing technology when not regulated, might create a terrifying nightmarish forecast of the future Abe explores the foreign the unknown within man, moving his protagonist in deceptive scenarios, observing his relationship with others, peeling away his external perceptions, to expose the layers within A scientist s facial vulgarization caused by a lab explosion alienates and victimizes him, spurring him to create a lifelike mask capable of human expression In the guise of this foolproof mask, he hopes to interact with the world again without the humiliation of his scars and, personally, to seduce his wife whom he believes has been avoiding him Man s soul is in his skinI have come to observe with the greatest care the appearance of soldiers who have been wounded And, ultimately, I have come to one conclusion And it s a distressing one serious exterior injuries, especially to the face, leave definite mental trauma. Abe s precise descriptions of the fantastic creation, constructed with the realism of a technologically sophisticated lab experiment, the structure of a suspense thriller with a science fiction theme, make for very intriguing mad scientist material ...

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    Bu yorumum Yattaa Dergisi nin Kas m 2018 say s i in yazd m yaz n n kopyas d r Yaz n n linki a a dad r.http japonsinemasi.com kobo abeden Monokl Yay nlar ge ti imiz sene i erisinde Kobo Abe nin Kumlar n Kad n isimli eserini Bar Bay ksel imzal eviriyle bizlerle bulu turmu tu Fakat en nemlisi Kumlar n Kad n n sunarken, yazar n di er kitaplar n da en k sa zamanla yay mlayacaklar n n m jdesini vermi lerdi Nitekim bu vaat k sa s re sonra yay mlanan Kanguru Defteri ile do rulanm t Yay neviyle yapt m g r meye dayanarak s yleyebilirim ki, Abe nin Kutu Adam isimli roman hari , di er romanlar n s ras yla yay mlayacaklar Kutu Adam ise telif haklar n alan Sel Yay nlar taraf ndan n m zdeki g nlerde bizimle bulu acak Monokl un bu g zel Kobo Abe serisinin nc kitab ise ge ti imiz aylarda bas lan Ba kas n n Y z oldu.Kobo Abe, Japon edebiyat dendi inde ak llara ilk gelen yazarlardan birisidir phesiz Her biri ahs na m nhas r olan Japon romanc lar i erisinde yaratt d nyalarla okurlar n g z nde bamba ka bir yerde konumlanm , her yazd eseriyle bu konumunu sa lamla t rm t r kinci D nya Sava n n karanl k ortam ncesi 1943 senesinde, Tokyo da t p okumaya ba layan Abe, bu y llarda ilk yaz nsal eserlerini vermi tir.Ne kadar t p okusa da ziyadesiyle edebiyatla ilgili olagelmi tir Bir yandan da felsefe konusunda sahip oldu u a l k onu s rekli okumalara, hatta t p...

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    Kobo Abe es un escritor que me agrada notablemente Admiro mucho su forma de escribir Este es el tercer libro luego de haber le do la recopilaci n de cuentos Los cuentos siniestros y otra de sus novelas m s conocidas, Encuentros secretos.Pero en este caso, debo reconocer que me cost much simo terminar el libro Tal vez haya ocurrido esto por la dens sima prosa reflexiva y los cuestionamientos existencialistas del personaje principal.La novela se compone de tres largos cap tulos divididos en Cuadernos de color blanco, negro y gris m s una carta escrita por su esposa.En el primer cuaderno nos encontramos con una ampliada descripci n del accidente por el cual este hombre ha perdido su rostro a partir de un accidente luego de una explosi n con ox geno l quido, posteriormente el intento de fabricar una m scara para poder mostrarse en p blico nuevamente y finalmente el desarrollo de su interacci n con la sociedad.Las reflexiones son tantas y tan complejas que no le dan respiro a uno para poder elaborar una rese a simple Este personaje est abrumado por el suceso que lo lleva a utilizar vendas para tapar ese nido de sanguijuelas como l denomina a su rostro deformado.Es indudable la conexi n con Kafka Por momentos, el personaje se encuentra en una situaci n de vulnerabilidad y de lejan a desesperante con la gente que interact a Est frustr...

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    No matter how many faces I have, there is no changing the fact that I am me The Face of Another, written by Japanese novelist Kobo Abe, explores social isolation and lost identity of the modern man with Kafkaesque style and sophistication In a fatal laboratory accident, a scientist also the book s narrator suffers horrific facial deformity the scarring is concealed with bandages but this distances and repulses people, even his own wife Narrated through the scientist s notebooks and musings that principally form this intellectual horror story, a mask is produced with the aim of recovering identity and social relations but it soon materialises that, beyond simple disguise, masks can impose new personalities on the wearer and fashion an alternate self with unexpected results.What becomes clear as the novel progresses is how such a mask is utilised to seduce his wife our faceless narrator takes the leading role in this masked play and self confidence shares the platform The face is not your real identity yet this distinguishes all humans alongside the fingerprint of disposition Perfection cannot exist on the surface level yet we strive to attain a standard d...

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    Huge disappointment.I came across Kobo Abe by way of Hiroshi Teshigahara s screen adaptation of The Woman in the Dunes, as well as Pitfall, both of which I regard as masterpieces of Japanese cinema, on par with the films of Kurosawa and the other Japanese greats This was my first Kobo Abe novel.The premise is very compelling Not so the execution I found the prose so impenetrably dull and repetitive that my trying to stay focused to follow the narrator s train of thought was quite excruciating Poignant insights or thought provoking ideas are either few and far between, or else well disguised, locked within closed loops of quasi philosophical non sequiturs ostensibly the protagonist s jotted down musings on such themes as identity, alienation, and sexual desire which make up the bulk of the novel Maybe there is profound insight and meaning to be had from some of those passages Then again, maybe not Actually, it doesn t matter For me, a piece of well wrough...

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    Great book very different but Great film from the 1966 film adaptation by Hiroshi Teshigahara Screenplay by K b Abe

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    Face of Another is a kind of post Kafka take on the experiment gone wrong stories of Wells and Stevenson Abe sometimes sinks his narrative drive by fully realizing the artifice through which he is revealing his story, here it is the notebooks of the scientist who creates the titular object, written to his wife This mirrors the structures of Secret Rendezvous and Box Man and in the final post script of the wife echoes the finale of Tanizaki s The Key The notebooks contain anecdotal philosophizing and scientific procedures, alongside manic confessions and visceral accounts of his dissociative panic, and accounts of folk tales and movies that reflect the book s themes Things start to pick in the second half as the narrator s eccentric behavior increases, his identity becomes frayed, and he literally begin...

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    This is by far my favorite of Abe s novels Mainly due to the odd tension he is able to sustain through long, often philosophically concerned monologues of a man who, after burning his face, decides to fashion and wear a mask in an effort to locate the social effect of the self and how that self can be split It kept reminding me of a universally centered American Psycho, 30 years before Ellis s, with even layering of psychological effect and eerie calm as the narrator continues revealing himself, burying himself, and creating a new self over and over again, unto a whole This novel captures so well the sense of being a person imprisoned both in the self and in the thousands of other selves surrou...

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