Karin Reading Karin Yuna Kagesaki Jackkellyfilm.co.uk Karin Is A Cute Little Girl Who Also Happens To Be A Vampire With A Twist Once A Month, She Experiences Intense Bleeding From Her Nose We Re Talking Gushers In Other Words, She S A Vamp With Blood To Spare, So Rather Than Stealing Blood From Humans She Actually Gives Her Blood To Them If Done Right, This Can Be An Extremely Positive Experience That Benefits The Victim As Much As The Vamp The Problem Is That Karin Never Seems To Do Things Right

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    In this volume we meet an old member of the family.If you look at the cover you ll probably think the exact same thing as me That that is either Karin s cousin or maybe a besty or something They look very similar.But nopes while its not a besty it IS a member of the family HOLY SNIKEYS that s her grandma Grandma has been asleep for a long long time and well, Karin s mom put big boulders ontop of G ma s coffin but that all changed when they had an earthquake and she was able to get out.G ma is really into REN which was kinda creepy because they look the same age and ahhh she actually groped Karin s boobs and told her they were like big cantaloupe s bulging our of her collar So, we are then led to believe that Karin got her boobles from her Mom because G ma is Henry s Dad An even weirder note is at the very back of the book it actually tells G ma s and Karin s bra CUP size I mean why is that necessary I figure someone has noticed this and bugged the artist about it so she must enjoy making fun of the fact that Karin s boobs are freaking HUGE Besides playing Where did those boobs come from we continue on with Kenta and Karin s I really don t Love you storyline when you know they do.They have a cultural festival at school.Henry and Calera s Karin s mom and Dad story of how they met is toldand Henry and Calera go to a vampire conventionIt...

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    Karin is a vampire she just isn t like her other vampire family members Whereas they drink the blood of humans for nourishment like traditional vampires, Karin has a problem with having too much blood in her body Her blood constantly increases It builds up faster the closer she is to a human with the type of blood she is attracted to If it builds up too much, it gushes out in the form of a horrible nose bleed Sometimes if someone is around her and the time is right she can bite someone and inject the blood into them Her problem is, she can t erase the memories of the people she bites She must rely on her siblings for help.Karin s life becomes even difficult when a transfer student arrives at her school Kenta Usui causes Karin s blood to increase everytime she is around him She has trouble just looking at him What is ...

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    The addition of Karin s granmother makes this one of the best of the series so far It was funny and even a little sad The bonus story was great too and I hope we learn of James in future volumes.

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    Great illustrations and an interesting take on the whole vampire legend I dont get why there is always has to be a love story hamfisted into anime tho Premise is kinda wacky Um vampire family has an unexpected visit from an older relative The older relative wrecks their sense of normal but no one complains out of respect I started with this volume so I m pretty sure I missed a couple things Maybe starting at the beginn...

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    Adoreeei a av da Karin Pena que ela tem dio por humanos, mas ao mesmo tempo ela t o engra adinha que n o tem como n o gostar dela Senti muita pena quando ela view spoiler descobriu que o marido morreu hide spoiler

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    I really like the background of Karin s parents They are fun.

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    Karin s grandmother is awake and it creates all kinds of chaos.

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    I like reading this series just because it s something different It s light and humorous and gives me a good laugh here and there.To me the whole series so far has been great While at first I was a little skeptical about the whole manga thing I found it s actually quite a pleasant read.When looking at it as a whole I found this novel to be great It was full of humorous bits and pieces that had me laughing out loud The serious parts were really good as well.I love the character of Karin, she s funny and I love that she is different I just find characters that are different to be so refreshing and interesting While she does tend to cry a lot I find her a very lovable character.I also must give a special mention to Karin s grandmother, Elda Marker, she is definitely a cool grandmother I found her character to be a great one because she was the complete opposite of Karin and she was just so young it was fantastic I especially loved how there was an explanation as to why her grandmother was so young looking compared to Karin s parents.As far as the vampire genre goes, I adore the way in which Karin is presented She is a very different vampire who gives people blood when she bites them instead of drinking their blood This is a very unique and interesting take on the ...

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    In Volume 5, the Marker family has a surprise visitor Henry s mother, Elda, who s been sleeping in the basement for quite some time Calera, Karin, Ren, and especially Anju are less than thrilled about this new arrival Elda is old and ruthless and the family fears may not be understanding of Karin s reverse vampirism or her dependence on Usui Kenta for protection.At the book s close, Henry and Calera attend a vampire convention in northern Japan, where we learn they are the onl...

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    Blech I picked this up b c the kids recommended it for the library but no way It became a world of No when grandma vampire felt up Karin teen vampire and the parents have to tell her not to sexually harass the grandchildren And then it further devolved into name calling...

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