Karin Epub Karin Yuna Kagesaki Firstchance10k.co.uk Kenta Sees Karin At Work And School, Each Day Serving As A Reminder That Something About The Girl With The Oft Bloody Nose Just Isn T Right He S Suspiciousand He S Not Exactly Subtle About It Fearing That He Might Discover Her Secret, Karin Decides To Kill This Potential Problem With Kindness She Goes Out Of Her Way To Do All Kinds Of Nice Things For Him But When Kenta Catches Her Feeding Yet Again, The Gig May Be Up So What S A Vampire Girl To Do Why, Take The Boy Home To Meet Her Parents, Of Course

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    Our favorite Chibi Vampire, Karin, has been found out by Kenta Her family descends on him He promises not to tell and she makes a deal with him that she ll make him lunch every day she was going to anyway.

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    HOORAY for KARIN I freaking LOVER DOVERS her Her and her crazy crazy ways Her and her out of control OMGing Her and her NOSE BLEEDS Loves her In this book it was all about keeping Kenta the boy she digs and the son of the mom she chomped on super happy in high hopes that she won t splurt her blood all over the place.Since this is the second Book I can spoil this Karin is like a reverse vampire and instead of chomping on people she kinda injects her blood into people to make them happy And her blood type is for super lonley miserable people When she chow dows on them they get super happy and energetic I ve decided I want to be Karin s breakfast So, blah blah blah she makes Kenta happy but he keeps thinking she s either a slut puppy because she s necking with dudes but she s really chomping on them or maybe she s just weird or maybe she s a vampire And so he starts following her and la de dahIt s super awesome Now, one part I felt kinda what the heckles about was ANJU Anju is Karin s little sis that isn t vampire age yet but is getting there and carries around dolls that she talks to In the first book she was super cute and young and sarcastic and I thought that was mega cool But in the second book she totally looked like she sprouted Sailor Moon boobles and I was all WHAT ON EARTH ing h...

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    Zum Inhalt Klapptext Ist Karin ein Vampir Kenta ist kurz davor, das Geheimnis seiner seltsamen Mitsch lerin zu l ften Das will Karin nat rlich um jeden Preis verhindern, schlie lich w re dann ihre ganze Familie in Gefahr In dieser verzwickten Situation mischt sich pl tzlich Anju ein Sie will Kenta reinen Wein einschenken Cover Auf dem zweiten Cover zu der Mangareihe Cheeky Vampire sind die Protagonistin Karin sowie deren Schwester Anju zu sehen W hrend Anju, f r ihren Charakter typisch, scheinbar total teilnahmslos ist, scheint Karin schon wieder ein Missgeschick zu besch ftigen Ansonsten ist das Cover wieder recht schlicht gehalten, vor allem, da auf Hintergr nde sowie knallige Farben verzichtet wird Das Wei wirkt schlicht und einfach.Eigener Eindruck Nachdem Usui Karin dabei beobachtet hat, wie sie seine Mutter gebissen hat, besch ftigt er sich mit der Thematik Vampir Schlie lich kommt es, wie es kommen muss und Kenta wird dank Anju Zeuge davon, wie Karin nochmals einen Menschen bei t, um ihren Blut berschuss loszuwerden Das ist f r Karin die Katastrophe schlechthin, doch viel Zeit zum berlegen bleibt ihr nicht und auch an Flucht ist nicht zu denken Denn Anju bricht nach der Enth llung ersch pft zusammen und nur mit Hilfe von Kenta kann Karin ihre Schwester heim bringen Dort werden sie kurzerhand von Karins Bruder abgefangen und dieser bernimmt Anju Bei einer Familiensitzung erkl rt Anju ihr Verhalten und was sie herausgefunden hat Daraufhin entf hren Karins Eltern Kenta u...

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    This volume continues where the first one left off and is hilarious as well as dramatic If you enjoy vampires and rom coms this one is for you However in this particular volume there was some fan service aka not good visuals for anyone younger than 16 Anything other than that is definitely fun for everyone This really puts the vampire romance trope on its hea...

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    A Karin muito fofa Vou deixar para escrever uma reviewmaior e mais completa quando terminar o ltimo volume da s rie, j que ela j foi finalizada, mas por enquanto sigo gostando da hist ria.

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    I have always loved Anju She is my favorite.

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    FanYet again I am pleased with the next volume of the series Not sure why I waited so long to read it Looking forward to the next volume.

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    It is a great book to read

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    Review coming soon

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