The Worlds Greatest Book of Useless Information

The Worlds Greatest Book of Useless Information From The Creators Of The 1 New York Times Bestseller The Book Of Useless Information A Collection Of Even Greater Insignificance.More Useless Than Ever Before Impress Know It All Friends With This All New Hodgepodge Of Frivolous Facts And Silly Statistics That No One Really Needs To Know But Honestly, How Cool Is It To Find Out That There Is A Place In Maryland Cal

10 thoughts on “The Worlds Greatest Book of Useless Information

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    Need a gift for the 15 year old boy in your life who s forever telling you strange facts That kid is my brother, and this book was a highly successful Christmas present It now lives in the living room, where all seven of us in...

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    Not completely useless after all

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    vaguely amusing book to pick up and read when you have thirty extra seconds.

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    The World s Greatest Book of Useless Information is basically a list of disjointed trivia spanning a wide variety of topics The book seems designed for folks that read on the toilet 60% of the population does this according to the book since you can pick it up and put it down without losing continuity since there is no continuity to lose Some of this useless information is fascinating, some of it is surprising and a surprising amount of it is completely wrong Unfortunately, the fact check The World s Greatest Book of Useless Information is basically a list of disjointed trivia spanning a wide variety of topi...

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    From the creators of the 1 New York Times bestseller The Book of Useless Information a collection of even greater insignificance.More useless than ever before Impress know it all friends with this all new hodgepodge of frivolous facts and silly statistics that no one really needs to know But honestly, how cool is it to find out that There is a place in ...

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    Finished this Not marked higher because, as the label says, I liked it and that s it This book, part of a series, is basically a collection of facts and trivia organized by topic It makes for good reading when you just want to pick something up quick, drop it...

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    It is hard to review rate this book just look at the title But for fun easy reading is just fine Since I was a kid I just liked this kind of reading I bought at the airport for some time killing.

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    This was an interesting collection of facts to go through, but that is it It is hard to rate this book, but I did like it Some trivia was funny, some informational, some boring The I liked it rating fits.

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    I ve always enjoyed knowing useless information Is it a bad thing that I d say I knew at LEAST half of the stuff in this book before reading it Now will have to find the rest of the books in this collection to read.

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    Just some good old fashioned useless info to tickle your fancy and your funny bone

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