Troubled Water: Race, Mutiny, and Bravery on the USS Kitty Hawk

Troubled Water: Race, Mutiny, and Bravery on the USS Kitty Hawk In , The United States Was Embroiled In An Unpopular War In Vietnam, And The USS Kitty Hawk Was Headed To Her Station In The Gulf Of Tonkin Its Five Thousand Men, Cooped Up For The Longest At Sea Tour Of The War, Rioted Or, As Troubled Water Suggests, Mutinied Disturbingly, The Lines Were Drawn Racially, Black Against White By The Time Order Was Restored, Careers Were In Tatters Although The Incident Became A Turning Point For Race Relations In The Navy, This Story Remained Buried Within US Navy Archives For DecadesWith Action Pulled Straight From A High Seas Thriller, Gregory A Freeman Uses Eyewitness Accounts And A Careful And Unprecedented Examination Of The Navy S Records To Refute The Official Story Of The Incident, Make A Convincing Case For The US Navy S First Mutiny, And Shed New Light On This Seminal Event In American History

  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Troubled Water: Race, Mutiny, and Bravery on the USS Kitty Hawk
  • Gregory A. Freeman
  • English
  • 14 February 2019
  • 9780230613614

About the Author: Gregory A. Freeman

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Troubled Water: Race, Mutiny, and Bravery on the USS Kitty Hawk book, this is one of the most wanted Gregory A. Freeman author readers around the world.

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    Good exciting non fiction Freeman tells the story of a race riot on the USS Kitty Hawk during the Vietnam war During the later stages of the war, the pentagon was getting creative in how to keep the troop strength up and lowering standards for entry into the military was one of the tactics used, along with trickery by recruiters In 1972, when you put hundreds of these new NSM new standards men recruits aboard a vessel in cramped spaces, on a hectic wartime work schedule, where the anger and frustrations of racial tensions in American society at that time can fester and simmer, things might just boil over and erupt into what would be called civil disturbances in civilian terms That s what happened on the Kitty Hawk There were many incidents involving racial issues in all branches of the military all over the world during the Vietnam conflict in addition to antiwar protests involving whites There were 74 incidents of sabotage aboard naval vessels in the Pacific fleet alone in 1972 Freeman carefully narrates one incident in the manner of a cinematic thriller The captain of the aircraft carrier is primarily concerned with keeping his ship in action The XO executive is concerned about preventing racial violence from getting out of control Some of the sailors are intent upon getting even for perceived and real racial injustices A great story And one to keep in mind when the nation clamors for war and hurries to fill the ranks with troops by any means possible Recommended.

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    As an aircraft carrier flight deck veteran, I was surprised I d never heard of this incident However, I m not surprised the Navy downplayed it, although I don t condone that Many have said an aircraft carrier is a city at sea And like any city, it has its struggles and challenges Freeman has captured the feel and reality of life on a carrier while telling this fascinating story This is the second of Freeman s books I ve read, and I ll be reading .

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    This was a very interesting account of a race riot on the USS Kitty Hawk in the early seventies I found the notion hard to believe, since the military is so thoroughly integrated now In fact the military does the nation a service, putting people from all manner of races and backgrounds shoulder to shoulder, without tolerating prejudice But things weren t always so I m not old enough to remember, but the US was apparently going through quite a bit of turmoil in the early seventies.This book was a well written account of the incident The author must have extensively interviewed several of the people involved, including the former captain and executive officer The background to the story explaining the turmoil of the times, the Navy s post Jim Crow integration process, and people s efforts to avoid the Vietnam War draft, was presented well.Roughly the second half of the book is a detailed hour by hour description of the incident, which made the book hard to put down Being about a limited incident the book is fairly short, roughly 230 pages It never bogs down, and it makes a nice easy satisfying read.I was struck by the author s sympathy for all the people involved He presents every story fairly, and he leaves the value judgments to the reader I ll look for of Mr Freeman s works I should mention that I found a small glaring error or two that should have been found in fact checking I seem to remember that somewhere he called the F 4 Phantom II a three seater Other than one or two such small glitches, I found the book very thorough.

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    I remember reading about the riot in our local newspaper, the La Crosse Tribune in 1972 and thinking how awful Then I joined the Navy and a year later was assigned to the Kitty Hawk One of the first things I noticed was the racial tension And one of the first things I asked about was that I was in X Division and a friend from the Safety Office advised me that if the stuff hit the fan again, to grab a dogging wrench a huge open end steel wrench or a fire extinguisher and jump in my rack, pull the curtain down and wait If anybody were to open the curtain aggressively that I didn t recognize, to hit first and harder than I got.It never got to that, although there were many scuffles We did have a major explosion half way to the Philippines from Hawaii and after that almost had a mutiny when some of the most junior snipes were afraid to go back to their work stations due numerous recurring fires.I m really looking forward to this boook Finished it at 5 AM in one setting Outstanding piece of investigative journalism It changes my view of both top officers of the ship, CO Capt Townsend and XO Capt Ben Cloud to a much positive one I think it s also a case study of what happens when men are overworked and treated as cannon fodder.I hope a lot people read this book, especially senior people and officers in the Navy.

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    This book details the race riot attempted mutiny which took place on the USS Kitty Hawk between 12 and 13 October 1972 Downplayed by the US Navy, the Kitty Hawk riot was apparently just one in a string of racially charged violent incidents that plagued the US military in the early 70 s Real and perceived slights, McNamara s Project 100,000, lax disciplinary protocols, self, segregation radical agitation, disunity of command and the raw anger that came with the newly found civil rights of the African American sailors aboard the Kitty Hawk all contributed to the prolonged outbreak of violence which engulfed the ship This is a very intense book, very compelling, very disturbing and very difficult to put down A fine piece of journalism on an ugly incident in the Civil Rights and Vietnam War era Highly recommended.

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    It is hard to believe that this actually happened I was serving aboard a sister ship at almost this same time There were quite a few blacks in my division, and quite a few Project 100,000 sailors Many of the Project 100,000 sailors were in over their heads, whether they were black or white Some were a danger to themselves and others Most of the black sailors were really great guys, and good shipmates.

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    I was surprised at shocked to learn about the race riot mutiny aboard the U.S.S Kitty Hawk while on combat duty at Yankee Station off the coast of Viet Nam in 1972 Bravery, particularly by the Navy s first black XO aboard an aircraft carrier, Ben Cloud, helped end the violence.

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    Terrifying As a former carrier sailor, this was a tough book to read I could relate to both sides and I wondered how close that event came to total mutiny Well worth the read, even if it is tough to stomach.

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    Interesting read about a time in our history when race relations were at their worst This story about a near mutiny on the USS Kittyhawk is shocking Discipline in the Navy of 1972 was lax to say the least I d like to think that this couldn t happen again.

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    Excellent book on the race riot that the USN denies is a mutiny.

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