Reading with Meaning

Reading with Meaning If You Have Ever Wondered How To Teach Comprehension Strategies To Primary Age Children, Read On.First, Imagine A Primary Grade Classroom Where All The Children Are Engaged And Motivated Where The Buzz Of Excited, Emerging Readers Fills The Air Where Simultaneously Words Are Sounded Out And Connections Are Made Between The Books Of Their Choice And The Experiences Of Their Lives Then, Open These Pages.Welcome To Debbie Miller S Real Classroom Where Real Students Are Learning To Love To Read, To Write, And Are Together Creating A Collaborative And Caring Environment In This Book, Debbie Focuses On How Best To Teach Children Strategies For Comprehending Text She Leads The Reader Through The Course Of A Year Showing How Her Students Learn To Become Thoughtful, Independent, And Strategic Readers Through Explicit Instruction, Modeling, Classroom Discussion, And, Most Important, By Gradually Releasing Responsibility To Her Students, Debbie Provides A Model For Creating A Climate And Culture Of Thinking And Learning.Here You Will Learn Techniques For Modeling Thinking Specific Examples Of Modeled Strategy Lessons For Inferring, Asking Questions, Making Connections, Determining Importance In Text, Creating Mental Images, And Synthesizing Information How To Help Children Make Their Thinking Visible Through Oral, Written, Artistic, And Dramatic Responses To Literature How To Successfully Develop Book Clubs As A Way For Children To Share Their Thinking Reading With Meaning Shows You How To Bring Your Imagined Classroom To Life You Will Emerge With New Tools For Teaching Comprehension Strategies And A Firm Appreciation That A Rigorous Classroom Can Also Be Nurturing And Joyful.

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    Funny how nothing ever goes wrong in these text books They have perfect ideas and all of the students are so bright and try so very hard It seems like there would be at least one student that would not want to go along with these wonderful ideas Maybe those kids get...

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    I enjoyed the changes in this second edition providinginsight to Debbie s unit plans She s shared with readers big questions, possible targets and things to think about to planeffectively Lots of mentor text suggestions

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    I want to be Debbie Miller when I grow up This second edition of Reading with Meaning is so relevant to education today While I consult my original copy constantly, it was nice to reread the book with Debbie s updated ideas on reader s workshop I recommend to all teachers everywhere.

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    This is my favorite professional development book I ve read it so much the pages are falling out I love the theories and activities They all revolve around a calm, meaningful classroom in which children are engaged in learning.

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    I love this book and writer Dipping into this book is like talking to a trusted colleague who always shares great ideas Feel inspired and renewed each time I read this.

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    Amazing book that I plan to read repeatedly during my years teaching.

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    I would give this book a 4.5 5 I would suggest taking up Reading with Meaning as a follow up for The Daily 5 The books are very similar in my opinion, with The Daily Five delvinginto the concrete details of classroom management during the reading workshop Miller s book is a great follow up because it addresses some of the how, butimportantly, the why of reading wor...

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    The content of this second edition deserves four stars, but the fact that there is so little difference between the first and second editions of the book merits two stars, hence the overall rating of three stars So, if you ve never read this and you teach 1st or 2nd grade children to read, I do highly recommend you get yourself a copy It s an accessi...

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    Good refresher about reading instruction and how to do it the right way I wish I hadinstructional time to do evenof this learning for the sake of learning, as it should be

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE this book So many awesome ideas

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