Tandem Unit

Tandem Unit From Strange Alien Encounters To Futuristic Science To Wild Sex, It S All In There Blakely And Holt Are Heroes To Die For, Alpha Males With A Sensitive Side Bound Together By The Tandem Chips Implanted In Their Skulls They Feel Each Other S Emotions, Share Each Other S Memories, And Share The Same Desires Yet That S Not All They Share, The Chip Makes It Impossible For Them Not To Share The Same Woman Still There S Only A One In A Million Chance That They Re Ever Going To Find One Who Can Handle The Intense Pleasure Their Bond Creates When They Share Her Enter Sadie, A Spunky Heroine With A Repressive Upbringing, Who Wants What They Offer But Is Afraid To Reach For Happiness.

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    Great hot book

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    First paragraph We ll take that one Sadie knew she was in trouble when the dark, curly haired man pointed straight at her, despite her attempt to hide behind the cybernetic prostie borg in front of her Pasting a blank look...

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    Sadie goes undercover to write the next great article about the prostie industry Now her Overlook me chip fails and two men shows up to buy a moment with her Once in the secluded room, it turns out the two men are detectives, also inves...

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    slow to get into

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