The Rolling Stones: The Untold Story (Docubook) (The Docubook Series)

The Rolling Stones: The Untold Story (Docubook) (The Docubook Series) Raised In The Chaotic Aftermath Of WWII, The Stones Shared On Ecommon Destiny Success Beyond Their Wildest Dreams This Is The Tale Of Their Meteoric Rise From The Back Street Pubs Of London To The Premiere Concert Halls And Arenas Of America, As They Became The Greatest Rock N Roll Band In The World Explosive And Enduring, They Have Proven Time And Again That Rock N Roll Has No Boundries The Story Of The Rolling Stones Is Told Through Interviews With Band Members Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Alongs With Many Friends, Relatives, Musicians And Managers Through Success And Failure, Decadence And Tragedy, Highs And Lows It S All Here, A Rock N Roll Odyssey Of Epic Proportions That Spans Over Forty Years.

11 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones: The Untold Story (Docubook) (The Docubook Series)

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    Hearing the story of The Rolling Stones was fascinating, but I did not care that this audio was taken directly from a documentary I would have rather watched it, instead of listen to it on my drive to work I did enjoy the concert...

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    The material was worthwhile This is a poorly produced audiobook with low quality sound and mixing many parts are hard to hear and difficult to understand It is not as bad as The Beatles by the same company

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