DimensioNoids Josh Miles, A Slacker Who S Never Lived Up To His Potential, Inexplicably Finds Himself The Leader Of The DimensioNoids, A Band Of Powerful, Ruthless, Yet Lovable, Warriors Who Travel Between A Thousand Bizarre Dimensions Saving The Universe From The Diabolical Clutches Of Chaos And The Evil Cluster Josh S Adventure Is Complicated When He Falls In Love With A Young Female Morph From Another Dimension Who S Really A Glutinous Mass Of Liquid Metals She Reads Josh S Mind To Find A Form Appealing To Him The Changeling Then Takes The Shape Of Josh S Dream Girl To Make It Easier For Him To Relate To The Strangeness Of The DimensioNoids And To Their Interdimensional Worlds Josh And The Gelatinous Shape Shifter Discover A Mutual, Yet Utterly Hopeless, Love An Impossible Love That Threatens The One Single Need Most Critical To All Life Everywhere Victory

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